This card indicates a need to listen to music you enjoy in order to improve your health well-being and overall Quality of Life.

Playing singing composing or listening to beautiful music that fills your heart with joy automatically raises your vibration and enhances your connection to source because you attract what you feel in this magnetic vibrational world.

When you consistently feel good you can make your dreams come true.

Music is the ultimate way to bring yourself into alignment because it only takes a few minutes to sing your favourite song in the shower rather than worry about your day.

Listen to inspirational music while driving rather than stress about the traffic or play your favourite CD while doing housework rather than fret about the mess in order to improve your current situation.

You’re being asked to adjust to and harmonize with the natural Rhythm and cycles of your life cycles that are encouraging you to listen to music that you love.

It truly has the power to heal your body and your life when you fill your heart with music you can manifest your dreams.

Taken from the guidebook Michelle Buchanan new numerology guidance cards.

Love and Light xxx💜

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