Months ago, I received a gift from spirit.

In short, they let me know of their presence and we had a long visit in which I received the mother of all downloads and I will get into that soon but that will be for another day.

Today, I want to explain my Cinderella moment and how I finally understood a chalk drawing they asked me to do months ago.

I have just spent a few days revamping this website to better suit what I wanted from it. I feel that I am finally almost there (the perfectionist in me will never say it’s done)

Incredibly, I thought it might take a lot longer to do, but as all things that are meant into being, most of them THAT ARE A FIT are usually easy to get going. (That is a clue btw)

Just take a quick look at some of the stuff you have done recently that you thought “well that was easy” and tell me HOW perfectly it fit in your life and I will tell you “there is no coincidence” for those things.

Spirit with all I am doing has been pushing me to write again.

See, I believe I have always been spiritually motivated to write. Between tarot and writing, this is the way they come through with me. In everything I write, I now know their voices are there. I am terribly grateful for the gift.

So I have decided to use this as a notepad for them.

The first thing I will bring forth is this drawing.

It’s just a drawing of Cinderella that I did one Saturday, from a childhood book that I bought a few years ago on eBay or some other online store. I bought it because it represented a change for the better in my life as a child and the book that I read after moving from one life to another at the age of 7 with my Dad and adoptive mother (another sad story for another day).

I read this every night and was swept into the magic of it for a least a year. It soothed the fact that my birth mother died and all the trials I had been through so far in my short human life.

A few months ago, spirit told me that I should draw Cinderella in one of my meditations with them.

I had recently painted an old board with chalk paint and had bought some chalk pens so I thought what was the harm in it. If it did not turn out, I could just try again or simply wipe it clean.

The tarot kept drawing the 6 of cups for me which is childhood or childlike joy so I figured they knew something I did not and the exercise might be important.

On the drawing I wrote “a dream is a wish your heart makes” such as the song from the movie.

Studying manifesting your wishes, I , in time (not saying I am a genius) understood after months of humming the tune from that movie that you are what you manifest and you can most definitely manifest what you feel.

‘A dream is a wish your heart makes” can be easily translated to “you manifest what you are, not what you want’ in other words what you feel inside of your being not necessarily what you think as said by another favorite person of mine, the late Wayne Dyer.

Hence, that was the first lesson, plus, I really enjoyed drawing it. It reminded me of the magic of life. How we can create beautiful moments and beautiful stories to uplift us and put us in high vibration, even in the worst of times.

Which now brings me to the title of this post in question.

Recently, I watched someone on YouTube ask to close our eyes and imagine a box – and in it – a crown.

They asked to open the box and then to imagine the crown in the box. Is it ornate, is it covered in jewels, is it mighty, is it small and unassuming or is there a crown at all.

I imagined a kings crown in mine and realized that I had come a very long way.

I looked at the drawing that is still have on display in my living room of Cinderella and loud as my brain could send a message to me, all I heard was “CINDERELLA IS READY FOR HER CROWN”

From months ago, identifying with a little girl who could identify with a fairy tale about a someone living in a desperate time to meeting her prince charming and having the perfect life. I never imagined that the story would turn to realizing that I deserved a crown and not just a little one from the Kingdom but one that I created and become a full master of my own life.

Cinderella is in full power now and although she does have her prince charming (sending a great big hug out to my hubby and constant source of support), she has become a source of her own power and manifestation of the life she wants everyday.

The message here?

Never underestimate a message from Spirit or how long or profound it might become in time. They will surprise and delight when you least expect it. It’s their fun thing to do! Trust me on this!

Love & Light



  1. You drew that? WOW!! I love it. Cinderella has always been my favourite. I just happened to see this when I was replying to the 5 minute meditation you put up.
    I love the drawing and the story. I’m still trying to work out if I have messages or I’m imagining things. I’m really looking forward to when I can KNOW it as you do.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful Cinderella and her crown with us. I really appreciate it.


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