New Patreon & YouTube Members Post (Instructions Below To Join!)

Hi Everyone! For Members I have posted a video on both these ages! I often see videos pitting these ages against each other, some saying the age of Aquarius will be better. I decided to a video this week exploring both! If you are interested in joining. Here is how! Love ‘n Light! Jane xx

🔴 Join this channel to get access to perks:

Access to video content only available here $2.99US, $5.99US and $8.99US for content only available here and on Patreon and access to a private Facebook group!

(I wanted to offer 3 different prices so everyone can donate at the level they feel comfortable! All levels include the same thing so feel free to pick the one that feels comfortable.)

~ OR ~

🔴 If you want to donate on Patreon instead on a monthly basis there are $3, $6, $9/month memberships available that you can cancel at any time. ( for more information please visit the site below). Daily Affirmations and a more personal experience. Access to a Private Facebook group!

My Patreon Page:

Thank you for your support.

Both options give access to these videos! (These videos include a more personal experience with me, my life and spiritual journey and practices and not just extended to the readings)

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