And The Winners Are…

Suzanne Pereira & Vicki Alana Rasmussen

Thank you so much to everyone who added to my watch time last month and showed me their support and love. I wish I could give back to all of you.

But don’t be disappointed if you did not win this month. There will be plenty of chances in the upcoming months to win again. Subscribe here now to be part of the giveaways below!

So what did these lovely ladies win?

Here are the two choices available to you!! πŸ™‚ Yes, you can pick!!

(Option 1) I love the “The Sacred Self Care Oracle” for myself ladies so if you would like a copy I would love to send you one of your own, this deck helps you focus and connect with your intuition and deepen your self care practice that will nourish the parts we sometimes forget to take care of.


(Option 2) You can have a 20 to 30 minute session with me live on Messenger or Zoom (whichever I can get functioning) to have a one on one session. We talk just like on the phone but you have a view of the table, the cards (which you can choose a favorite deck if you like) and we see what our collective spirit teams (yours and mine) have to share with us. You can pick this also to have some time to ask me other questions regarding how I do my spiritual work etc. I am not limiting what happens in these sessions. However, in order to do these, your energies need to be open and cold readings have never been my thing so your participation is needed to make this the best experience possible.

Whatever choice you make please send me an email to to let me know and we can make plans!

Congratulations to both of you and thank you!!

Love ‘n Light Jane xx



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