Bonus Blog! Tripping Up! How to Handle The Virgo Energy Coming In!

As a child, I was the kid who would fall down going UP the stairs. Yes that was me…

The already awkward kid that wanted to disappear at best, now making a spectacle of herself by tripping UP the stairs (the memory still makes me shake my head). And the fall on cement stairs on my knees have a memory shelf life of forever. Ouch!

The Virgo energy is coming in sideways for me and you this month I feel Pisces. So do go ahead and pay attention to the details around you because there may be things that will escape you in this energy.

For me it came in making the wrong video and then the video dropping too early on this platform this morning. Ugg!!


I thought I had not paid attention carefully to the drop time and then realized that the time had changed, and not unlike all the watches with the wrong time that sent people in late to work in the fall because of time zone malfunctions settings from the telecom company; this site although set to my time zone, also is set to its place of origin (saw this when I was looking at the stats for the day and their day seem to end at an odd time compared to mine). I soon realized that the problem was not with me, but with them. So other peoples lack of attention to details may affect your life as well.

After another goof up this morning, I found myself thinking of how annoying this chaos makes us feel when we are in the midst of it and thinking WTH did I do to have to put up with this on a bright Sunday morning.

Spirit was quite kind and simply responded with this.

Sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield. The best that you can do is try to correct what goes wrong, then take responsibility for it and apologize if needed and/or try to fix the rest as much as you can, IF you can!

It would be easy to say just avoid the car if you are the bug or avoid the bug if you are the car, but things are not always as easy as the solution seems to be. Things will happen and you need to get the most out of all experiences. In the positive as much as possible.


And in the end who am I to know the causes and deeper inner workings of everything or even what happened to that site subscriber that tried to get my video to play and could not? Was there something else they needed to be paying attention to at that time? We sometimes have an idea what is up, but I have come to believe that there is always much more at work in the background then we could ever imagine.

Even though my falling going up stairs made me the butt of peoples jokes and ridicule in the past, it also made me ready to fall again in the future and know how to deal with embarrassing moments.

And regardless if it was the step below that was defective or my two left feet that caused it, it made me realize that my strength to carry on was being developed here and would take me far (even if I did not see it as the bigger picture at the time).

As well, it made me aware of the one individual that came to help rather than the crowd all pointing out the obvious; these helpers I see as the ones I want in my camp πŸ™‚ by the way, and always pay close attention in finding them.

Sometimes, as much as you want perfection such as Virgo likes to insists on always paying attention to the details, the best laid plans can go awry and all you will be able to do is to try to pick up the pieces. If an adjustment can be done, note it, do it and then keep it as reference for later. If not, just be kind to yourself and don’t get stuck on feeling bad. This too shall pass.


My energies insisted in the last few days in bringing in feelings of ineptitude and annoyance.

So your job is to let neither stay in your energy any longer than needed. You are not inept, you are human. Things in and out of your control will annoy you. Take a deep breath, and let it leave your body as you exhale. Take a shower and cleanse that energy as you watch it go down the drain. Return it to the earth energy it came from and let it transmute into something better, just like the trees take in carbon and turn it into oxygen. Let it take the negative and let it purify it from you and turn it into something better.

Hope this helps. Love ‘n Light

Jane xx

P.S. Please pay attention in the upcoming week and the energy of Air and Libra mentioned that will be with us in next months full moon, I do believe it came in to remind us we can balance the scales no matter what Zodiac energy we are in!! Keep going beautiful ones! You got this!


  1. I was very pigeon toed when I was very young. My poor knees will vouch for that πŸ˜†. So I know how you feel(felt).
    I like the idea that we can balance the scales no matter what zodiac sign we’re under. Been feeling a bit funny (lost and forgetting what I’m doing) the last 2-3 days. I just need to try extra hard to focus on my good energy and boost it!!
    Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it. And thank you for being you πŸ₯°
    Teresa 😊


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