I have always known what I know, but I have not always acknowledged it or known how to describe the gifts that I have. The path of least resistance is where I get my answers and yours. I cannot prove what I know but I know that I am completely convinced of what I know. My mission is to enlighten the world that is ready to hear what I have to say. My plan is to uplift those who need illumination in their lives. I fully expect for those in need to find me when they are meant to. I look forward to this ride we are all on whether it's good bad or otherwise. I am remembering that I am Spirit having a human experience. I am ready to help you remember that too. Love & Light Jane

Another energy bleeder would be the household dryer. That special machine that you put wet clothes in and dry clothes come out of. But this contraption that saves us so much time can take up to 12% of your monthly energy cost per month.
While they are all energy efficient models now, fact of the matter is they all take energy to run them.
So what are we left with? Well… what we were left with in the beginning. Hanging our clothes out to dry, or in for that matter now.
Here are some pretty nifty facts about hanging up your clothes out.
1) They smell better. Fresh air is drying your clothes.
2) It obviously cost nothing to hang up your clothes. Except for your own energy and a little exercise never hurt anyone.
3) You can get some much needed humidity in the winter months if you hang your clothes inside to dry.
Here is the down side to hanging your clothes out.
1) If you have seasonal allergies, it’s no fun to have your clothes covered with what you are allergic too.
2) Who has the time to hang clothes after working all day and what if mother nature decides to rain and I need clothes??
3) If you hang it inside, it’s a mess to look at and where will I string a cord to dry these things.
So a dryer is more convenient. Is it convenient in your wallet? No, not really.
I have found a few ways to make the best of hanging outside or inside. Here are my tips.
1) I have read online that if you do suffer from seasonal allergies, you can pop your clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes after they are done drying because it is said that the dryer takes out a lot of allergens out of the clothes because of its filters and such. You may think it kind of defeats the purpose to use your dryer, but 5 minutes instead of 30 or 40 minutes is still a lot of savings. I have not personally tried it because no one at my house suffers from very bad allergies, so this one you would have to research.

2) I hated taking the time to hang outside. The worst part was finding the clips in that bag or box and hanging and pushing and finding and hanging and pushing and…let’s say I noticed the sky getting grey and wanted to wait until the last possible minute to take it off cause it wasn’t quite dry (admit it, you’ve done this) and then you forget and it started to rain and by the time you get it in, its mostly wet because of the clips and etc…well anyhow you get the jest of it.

I thought to myself. I will forever be aggravated with this until I found Cord-O-Clip. This lovely contraption already has the clips on it. After watching the video on YouTube, I quickly went out and bought it at the store for about $125, and we quickly put it up. Having used it for 2 straight weeks I have but one complaint of the product. The plastic holder that holds the lines together where the lines join is plastic and ultimately failed. So we put a ratchet strap in its place and voila, no more problems. It seems to be keeping an adequate tension without failing which is important to this line for it to work well. We left the ratchet strap instead of replacing with the actual clothes lines and so far so good.

No more looking for clips and if you watch the video, there is a part where they roll the stuff in. I won’t say I am at that speed, but it is pretty close. I’ve been no longer than 5 minutes for the biggest load which took ¾ of the line. I was afraid of the line sagging too much or breaking. But so far, it’s been good. For now I give it a solid 4 ½ stars. If you are curious I posted the website.

Cordoclip Canada

Cordoclip U.S.

Now it’s not to say that the normal clothesline does not work just as well at drying. I just love new gadgets. Especially ones that save me some time.

3) So for the answer for inside is if you do have a corner or basement or spare room to hang a line, how ugly would it be? Especially if you have visitors or entertain and now have long lines hanging even if you don’t have any more clothes on them. There are a few options. There are the umbrella indoor clothes lines. There are the fold out clothes line and the one I purchased, the retractable clothes line.
Here are a few links of what I mean.
There are small ones

Small Clothesline (U.S)

And medium size ones (also the one I have bought but not tried yet)
Medium Clothesline (Canada)

Or huge ones.

Huge Clothesline (Canada link)
I love the fact then when you are done with it you can simply unhook it and retract it the wall. It just simply sits on your wall barely noticed and available until your next load.


Umbrella (U.S. link)

You can find these for outside too. Just heard if you don’t ground them good, they could possibly fly away.


Drying Rack (U.S. link)

Again all these are different sizes and prices. So comparison shop and as always, check out the reviews. Anything pertaining to customer service and breaking parts is always interesting to read about. Sometimes you also get what you pay for. If you pay a few dollars, you shouldn’t always expect everything to last forever.

A final note which has nothing to do with dryers but its partner in crime, the washer. The new front load washers today are very efficient in water savings and also from what I have read apparently in how clean the clothes are. It seems to focus on a deeper clean and also wrings out better so that the clothes come out almost dry after the spin cycle. It also uses less water (if you are thinking of downsizing your hot water heater, although if you can, you should just use cold water when you wash as it would give you even bigger savings). As always if you have just purchased a new washer, it might not be the time to up and just change it right away, but further research on this could give some interesting savings in the long run. I am also toying with the idea of a manual washer and dryer spinner machine to see how that goes. You know the ones they use in RV’s or Tiny Homes. The less energy I spend on electric the better our chances to get off the grid eventually. There are so many options. All you have to do it search.


It’s well known that hot water tanks are the major energy bleeders inside a home. Some say on average that 15% to 30% of a home’s energy cost is spent on heating hot water.
Because that number is quite high, it also leaves lots of room for improving those numbers.
If you heat with natural gas, your savings are usually better than those of us who heat with electricity. I live in rural Canada and have no access to natural gas as of yet, so I wrote this mainly with electric water heaters in mind.
There are tankless water heaters now, hybrid tanks (solar etc…) that run on solar and electricity and point of use tanks. To find out the one that is best suited to your needs, you should look online and compare. For electric purposes I find that the tankless don’t show a significant enough savings for me and for the price you pay for them, it takes longer for them to pay themselves. So for now I will not review these.
If you have a standard electric water tank such as I do. Here a few tips on saving some energy on your monthly bill.
-Purchase a hot water blanket. Here is a link to amazon of one with good reviews but you can probably find one in your local hardware store. As with all things I would check to see the reviews. You will get more savings if your tank is in a colder area then if it’s in a warm place and or if you are heating with natural gas. Also the age of your tank will greatly increase or decrease your savings. Newer tanks are much better insulated. Savings will still happen but for less. Good heating blankets can save you 5% up to 40% of your heating cost. Some suggest sitting your tank on insulation to maximize your savings. Don’t forget to also insulate the pipes as well. You lose a lot of heat through the pipes if they are not insulated.

You can look it up by typing in WATER HEATER BLANKETS or WATER HEATER INSULATION BLANKET Both should get you some results.

Insulation Blanket (U.S. link)

-Some suggest lowering your heater at 120 but I have not done this at this point. There is some controversy of whether or not it’s good for your health, and since I am not an expert. I leave that up to you on whether or not to decide if it’s a good idea. They say that most are up at 140 and that you can get energy savings of 3% to 5% for every 10 degrees you lower it. Most think that 130 is a safe bet. There are many articles relating to this.

To look into it I would suggest typing in. LOWER WATER HEATER TEMPERATURES.

-Water Heater Timers
These timers can be set to turn on at key points in your day and turn off the tank at all other times. It is said you could save up from $6 to $10 dollars per month having one of these, but some sites that it doesn’t make a real difference. Again, I do believe that might depend on the efficiency of your heater, what source you are using to heat it and where it’s located. Here are both Canadian and US link to them on Amazon, but you should be able to find them if you type in HOT WATER HEATER TIMERS. Again these can probably be found at your local hardware store.
Hot Water Timers (Canada link)

Hot Water Timers (U.S. link)
A final note on this, since it deals with wiring. I would suggest you get a professional to install this for you if you have limited knowledge of these things. Simply to make sure you don’t electrocute yourself and also to find the right position for these timers, especially since its dealing with water and electricity. And if you don’t want to deal with a timer you can have your electrician put an off and on switch that you can control when and how long the heater is on!

-Smaller water heater or point of use water heater.
These come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller ones can be put at sinks to just heat up the water you need at that location when you need it. Or the small like 30 gallons can be used for showers if you have low flow shower heads and if you use front load washers which I will talk about later on in this book.
The more water you heat in a tank, the more it will cost you. If you don’t need to heat all that water every couple of hours, why would you. Half a tea kettle full of water will heat up much more quickly than a full one. You can easily calculate or watch your hot water patterns and see if you could save this way. On that note, I would not get rid of the current hot water heater if it’s less than 5 or 6 years old. You are throwing money away by buying a new appliance before it needs to be replaced. These things are not free and must be considered to really measure out your savings. But it is a good thing to study so that when it does comes time, you can really look at your options.

Here are few examples of places that carry smaller tanks. To search for these I would suggest writing the gallons you are looking for such as 30 GALLON HOT WATER TANKS OR 6 GALLON OR 3 GALLON. Google usually can give you places you can start looking to find. As always check reviews to make sure the product is liked by the public. Here are few links. As always I post American and Canadian sites just to give you an idea of what you are looking at, but there are plenty of choices out there once you start searching.

Hot Water Heaters Lowes

Hot Water Heaters Home Depot

Here are few other tips to saving on your hot water bills.
-Wash in cold water
-Shower instead of taking a bath
-Drain water out of your hot water heater every 3 to 6 months to remove sediment from your heater and help work more efficiently and last longer
-Shut off water heater is you are leaving on vacation, why heat water when there is no one there to use it.
Of course there is site after site of ways to save on hot water heating with reviews and opinions of what work and what doesn’t, all you have to do is simply write HOT WATER SAVING TIPS in your search engine and see the sites that come up.

On my quest to save dollars with my cable bill, I first found that I could probably buy an antenna that could give me free HDTV from the local stations in the area.
First things first, I wanted to know if it would be worth the money to buy these things. Like if I would only catch 1 channel, then it’s hardly worth my effort.
So I found this site that helps with finding your local viewing area and the possible channels you can get.
I can honestly say that this thing was almost dead on for me. It offered me a tentative 18 channels and I got about 15. I got an $85 dollar antenna that got signal 360 degrees for 150 mile range. So for a one time-fee I got 15 free local channels. Some that are PBS, which in my case is one of my favorite channels.
But before that I got a smaller one for about $30 that got me about 8 channels with a range of 40 miles.
I’m posting the link for the 40 mile one. But you can go from there if you are looking for something with more range.
For U.S.
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna 40 mile range

For Canada
Indoor/Outdoor Antenna 40 mile range
A little bit of info of what I have found. I live in the middle of nowhere and far from a lot of towers. So I won’t be getting anything fantastic, but 15 channels were pretty decent for what I used to get with those old antennas. If you lived in the country like me, you got 3 channels and only 1 was decent. The other was so- so and the other one was French. So getting 15 in HD quality free after the initial cost of the antenna was pretty awesome!
The other thing is if the weather is not great, you may lose a few channels. I found it is weather sensitive. But again, it’s not too bad, you get a few hiccups and then you are back to watching your clear channels and it’s HDTV quality clear.
I bought this first before I decided to live off my streaming boxes because I was looking for ways to get off the cable/satellite company without paying millions.
Now it would come in handy if my internet went down. Instead of watching nothing I would have something to stare at.
One thing for sure, it’s paid for itself the first month I had it for what I would have paid the satellite company.
There are many out there, and some reviews are not great, however I am reviewing for mine, the ones I have ordered and watch from and I am content.
Please also review the comments for people that are close to a city , it seems to be a hit and a miss, but then again for $30 maybe I would be willing to take the chance. So I would look into that.
Hope this all helps! If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section!

As I mentioned before I no longer have a landline. Instead over the years I have outfitted my clan with the latest and greatest cell phones. In Canada, there are fewer options at great prices with Cell phone carriers. Since my Mom is from Texas I realized this after she told me that for 2 phones she had 10 GB of data for a fraction of the cost that I pay for 1 GB here, but that is something else we have to contend with here. So being the avid consumer that I am, I have my service with Virgin Mobile. At the time, I found their plans ok and even had a great deal with my phone, a promotion at the time 2 GB for 57 dollars, as opposed to the same thing for the rest of my family except they only got 1 GB and paid 60 dollars (I had gotten in just as the deal closed with no such luck with the rest of the members of my family) My phone had approached its renewal time which basically means they tell you that your phone is paid and you can go get a shiny new one, I ran to the store and signed up for the newest phone plan and lost my sweet deal of $57 dollars. I figured that my phone was old. It was on a pay a percentage per month without a contract and I had had it for 4 years, but it seemed to be getting tired. Something I found later that a reset and a new battery probably would have fixed. So here I am with my new shiny phone and for the heck of it decided after all these years of just buying blindly to see what happened if I didn’t immediately renew my phone? I have 2 guys in my house with phones that will be up for renewal in September. Mind you there is some wear and tear on their phones but I figure they are still using them so it should be good for another 6 months, or a year maybe. So I started investigating and saw that when your phone is paid up, for the same plan you can pay up to $10 less a month for their plans. So for these 2 phones that would be $20 less a month. $20 x 12= $240. Hey suddenly that perked up my ears and my mind! That kind of savings is nice. Also I will be looking up other companies when their renewal comes up. Hey I hear Telus is into sharing data. Something I like because some of us use more data than others because of lack of WIFI signal available. So sharing seems good with me as opposed to the constrictions of having to stick to your own. But that will be another blog in September when I switch, maybe! One thing for sure, whether I do or not. I plan to save more money by keeping phones for as long as I can and making sure I can optimize my savings. If you have a phone plan and you haven’t optimized it. I suggest you make inquiries. You might be surprised at what you can find for savings. There are also some great savings you can take advantage of if you have constant access to WIFI. Unlimited phone calls from Messenger or Skype. Unlimited data from WIFI. We can also get unlimited text if you want, by texting through WIFI with messenger and other free apps available in the play store. In these ways you can increase your savings. When I am at home I now use my old phone. Since I can use all my apps that use WIFI, so I have access to my emails, can text the kids with apps etc…saving wear and tear on my new phone. Now that your eyes are opened as mine did, you can go see Mr. Google and find out all the great ways you can save on your cell phone bill, hopefully you are smarter than I was before I locked myself down to another 2 year term. As I said, better late than never. FREE Apps you can use on your phone with WIFI. I talk to my mom in Texas with Skype and Messenger. And use KiK with my son to text from home.

Link to Skype

Link to Messenger:

Link to Kik Text and Photo Messenger;

I saved the most money by far this year by finally cancelling my satellite/cable subscription. I was paying on average $75 and that is only because I cancelled some stuff the year before when I was paying over $90 a month to have access to a bunch of channels I hardly watched.
I had already subscribed to Netfix a couple years back and gotten a blue ray player that worked with it. Now I’m sure everyone has heard of Netflix but if you haven’t here’s the links.
Netflix U.S.
Netflix Canada
Ok. So that is done and now we are just looking around at a big box store and suddenly we notice a small box called the Roku 3. Well, we quickly brought it home and plugged it in. And suddenly a whole new world of content opened up to us. Online content that was really interesting and that could be tailored to what you wanted, like the Youtube channel that offers anything from well basically anything you want to know about or watch. You can find a lot.
Roku Streaming Box U.S.
Roku Streaming Box Canada
After this, we bought a stick that can be put on the back of the television for my son. Connected by USB.
And then he could get his content and personalize it the way he wanted.
Roku Streaming Stick U.S.
Roku Streaming Stick Canada
Later on in the year, we had a television in the bedroom but wanted to test out another system. So we bought the apple TV, that had gotten some good reviews as well. Different setup, different content.
Apple TV U.S.
Apple TV Canada
Although the Canadian content is sometimes limiting as to what you can get in the States, there are ways I hear to get around that, although to tell the truth, there is plenty of streaming content to watch whatever you choose.
The big problem with me was that I felt like if I shut off the satellite I felt I would be missing out on something somehow. Change is so hard to do, especially when you are used to what you are used to. Two months ago, I finally decided to cut the cord and put that $75 dollars back in my pocket.
I stream to my heart’s content and to tell the truth between Crackle, Netflix and Youtube (which I stream constantly to watch tiny house builds and tours…amazing the ingenuity of people)and with all that I have not missed my satellite dish at all.
The only regret I have is that I did not do this years ago, but as they say, better late than never.
So $75 dollars does not seem like much in one month but at the end of the year it’s $900.00. And that number is something to think about.
I also bought a few HDTV antennas’ to catch signal outside my home at the beginning of my quest to cut the cord but I will review those a little later.
So if you are thinking about it, think a little harder and take the leap, if you have people who can help you convert if you are leery about it, let them help you and do it.
You adapt to everything or find something comparable. If you do buy a box and get it set up. Try it for a week, to watch it without going to your cable/satellite and see how it feels. If it feels good, try it another week. If you can go a month without it, you will know that are ready to start saving some real cash!!

To check out the layout of all the tv boxes, just go to youtube and check them out. There is plenty out there!

Let me say here that the more I online shop the better I feel. Here’s why. I am one of those people who hate to go wandering aimlessly in stores. First I am not a big fan of people trying to buy out the store every time a one day holiday comes around. Shoving you like the end of the world is coming, blocking the entire aisle while they talk of their hemorrhoid operation etc… You get the point. I have taken to making a list and getting in and out of that store as fast as my legs can carry me for grocery shopping. For other things, anything else I prefer to order online if at all possible. It’s so easy to do today. More and more is available. Stuff that you would only find on some dormant shelf in a store sometimes comes alive in front of you on the screen. Not only that. If you look on the shelf at the store, there is no one to tell you if this is worth your money. Online, there are millions of people who take the time to write reviews. Some of course are nit-picky and nasty but some in all honesty don’t want anyone else to have a hard time or waste their time. This ups the game for people trying to deceive or with poor customer service. They know these reviews can make or break them. It’s like have a million best friends letting you know what you are getting yourself into. You can search until you get the best deal or free shipping. Oh how I love free shipping and I can usually find the comparable thing in the U.S. on the Canadian site helping me avoid the border fees. These days my favorite places to shop are Amazon.ca or Amazon.com. But any online retailer will do. Just make sure if you are looking at someone else to buy from that you check with Mr. Google if that company is one you can trust.

Did you know that in olden days when it was cold outside and people could not afford more insulation, they used heavy curtains to keep the drafts out?
They were used around beds, near doors, and windows.
They were also used to block out rooms that were not being used in the winter to keep the heat in the rooms that were being used, so as to not have to heat empty spaces and waste the energy.
Now the same applies in the summer when you want to keep the cool in. Putting curtains in the window (usually light in colored for the side that faces the window which repels the heat) have a way of keeping the mid-day sun out and keeping the rooms cooler although darker. Not a problem if you are at work all day. This can decrease your air conditioning bills.
The only thing with curtains is that they have to be of the heavier variety. Flimsy lacy curtains won’t do and for some it represents a fashion faux pas.
However, if you look in most hotel rooms, you will see they have 2 sets of curtains. Usually a sheer one and one pair of the heavier sort and this is how they get over that decorating problem.
In my quest to see if they actually promote these older than time methods of insulating against the heat and cold I went online to see if they actually promote these curtains. Low and behold they do. And the reviews are great.
Mind you, if you have an eye for it you can probably go to the local second hand store and fashion your own.

You can also have shades or I’ve read people using bubble wrap on windows. But I can leave those exploits to you!

So it may be an initial cost, but one worth the energy it saves on your electric bill.
Black Out Curtains (U.S. link)
Black Out Curtains (Canada link)

This one takes some discipline. I know this because I have a hard time to do it, but if you are smart you can do this and save yourself some energy and time and money. You can cook a few things at once and then you don’t cook something new every day. All that is left in the end is to heat it up and that cost less than to start from scratch.
Granted there are some dishes that you have cook the same day that you are eating them. Like hamburgers. Making hamburgers a week in advance would be less than appetizing; although I’m sure there are some that do it.
I find that this also saves me money in another place I did not realize it would. Grocery shopping. Planning out at least 5 of the 7 weekly meals and you suddenly have a list of things you will need.
Do you find yourself going to the store and buying a ton of stuff you don’t need only to end up throwing out a lot of food in the end?
I have started this about a month ago and find that although it’s a bit disconcerting to have empty cabinets sometimes near the end of the week. I don’t spend money on stuff that sits there losing its expiration date or rots in the back of the fridge.
Here a few free templates to help you along.
Printable menu planner shopping list
This site also offers meal ideas

Printable meal plans
Household planner printables

I’m sure everyone else but me knows about these and they are fantastic. Low-flow shower heads.

Firstly, I had to educate myself about what gpm meant. If you didn’t know. GPM are gallons per minutes.

Secondly, I found out that I could save on my hot water in my shower by switching my shower head to something that took less gpm’s.

The one I had installed was 2.2 gpm and after some research and checking reviews I found that you can take a nice hot shower just as well with a shower head that takes only 1.25 gpm.

Suddenly my life had meaning. Just kidding. But honestly. If I just cut my water consumption in half of what it was for showers. That means my energy cost for taking showers was also cut in half.

Suddenly I feel like I was getting the hang of this saving money idea.

For about $20 dollars you can buy a decent shower head and save tons on hot water energy!

Maybe even reduce on the gallons you need in your hot water tank….but that is another post entirely.

Here are some links to help you get started with your low flow researches.

Just an FYI. I bought the one below here and I absolutely love it. The biggest concern was that it would not wash hair properly. I am here to tell you it has plenty of pressure to rinse out your hair not problems. Everyone in my family has different length hair and it works fabulously. Why would it not. It’s built to increase pressure and lower water consumption.

I posted a link to a hand held one if that would be your preference. We are thinking of getting one as well and attaching with a flow regulator so we can switch from one to the other for convenience.

The convenience of the internet now allows you to look up and find what you need and also keep up with the newest stuff without having to deal with overcrowded stores. Happy Clicking!!

For Canada:

Low Flow Shower Head

For U.S.:

Low Flow Shower Head

Low Flow Shower Head Handheld