I have always known what I know, but I have not always acknowledged it or known how to describe the gifts that I have. The path of least resistance is where I get my answers and yours. I cannot prove what I know but I know that I am completely convinced of what I know. My mission is to enlighten the world that is ready to hear what I have to say. My plan is to uplift those who need illumination in their lives. I fully expect for those in need to find me when they are meant to. I look forward to this ride we are all on whether it's good bad or otherwise. I am remembering that I am Spirit having a human experience. I am ready to help you remember that too. Love & Light Jane


Maintaining a peaceful and natural state of being is the optimal ways to keep as many choices and options open.

It is also the best way of being able to keep the alignment of energies at their peak and the ability to assess all situations for the promotion of growth and advance notice of any potential problems that may arise.

Problems arise when impulsive new situations or circumstances suddenly takes us out of our comfort zones and asks us to transition to something new, shaking up our harmonious sense of self.

Our journey here is one of leaning and with learning new things comes the discomfort of being displaced.

We, however do come with help and the tools necessary to navigate the potential storms that present themselves from time to time.

When we learn to use our energies to meet our goals and do the best quality work to bring our objectives to completion or when we use our creative energies to come up with exceptional solutions, we show our inner strength and our innate ability to get through anything no matter what happens to us.

And through these experiences we grow brighter and better and more in tune with ourselves than ever before!!

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