5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Smell Of “Garlic Hands”& Stainless Steel Soap?

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If you are a garlic lover such as I am, not using garlic regardless of the smell it leaves behind on your hands is something that is just not an option.

But if you have had the misfortune of not knowing how to get the smell gone, this can be an offensive smell to walk around with that can even be transferred to other places and objects for lasting effects.

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Vision Boards – Are They Effective?

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New Year! New time for goals, dreams or whatever your little heart might desire. Or so that is what we seem to think.

For myself, I have had a few good years, but that has more to do with how I take life now than how lucky I am.

What I mean is, I still have trying days. Such as this week when the strains of a cold does not seem to want to let me be, however, I can take time off without stress, because I have set myself up that way. I can rest and take half days to take care of myself, easing the stress of needing to live paycheck to paycheck, because I simply don’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore.


Thing is, accomplished goals of years past has led me to a much more laid back person. And laid back has offered me a peace of mind that I can now afford myself, because even if I missed work and then got fired for it, I am much better financially now then I have ever been and am fairly certain I could recuperate.

Which leads me to the title and question of this blog. Are Vision Boards Effective? YouTube Goals Video? New Years Resolutions?

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How To Save Money Fast – Frugal Living Tips

When we start thinking about saving money, the first thing we stop buying for is the restaurants or the latte’s.

Do you ever think, maybe I could save money and still have some left over for some Chick-fil-a or some Tim Hortons – – – <— (Canadian here!)

I am here to tell you, sure you can. That is how we managed to pay off 60k of debt and still go visit our favorite restaurants and drink our favorite coffee.

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Teeth Aligners For Less? Smile Direct Club – A Journey


I recently started a journey to straighten my teeth at the age of 49.

Yes, yes I know, I am a bit old for braces, but when this offer came across my android phone, I simply could not resist it.

Last time I had checked for how much braces/invisalign would be; I realized that I still could not afford it. Invisalign through my dentist was about 6k while braces…well let’s just forget about them altogether. The price tag of over 10k was way too rich for my blood.

Of course, since I had done some research about it, the “Smile Direct Club” ads started popping up on my screens.

After doing some sleuthing and reviews searches, including videos such as these ones below, I decided that this might be the right fit (pardon the pun) for me!


Although I have seen other videos mentioning that customer service is a very different experience when you contact them directly as opposed to contacting them by email, and you generally get better results if you go to a smile care office rather than do your own impressions which makes sense (one is done by putty and the other by digital image). I found my nearest smile direct office and booked my first appointment.

The appointment as opposed to the impressions cost nothing and you get lots of free goodies, as seen in this video. The 3D images of what my smile would look like when finished pretty much clinched it for me and I was off to the races. After 3 1/2 weeks, I received my aligners and started the process that night (it’s been said that to deal with pain, it’s better to wear them at night when starting or changing out your aligners) since it’s give a good 7 to 8 hours of unconsciousness as to not feel the discomfort.

Here is my first video on the subject.

Putting on my second set of aligners was quite a shock and very different than the first set which was just slip on and go as you can see from the next video….


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Passive /Side Income Ideas/Streams For November 2019


Trying Out My Free Xpand Shoelaces!! #freebie

Canadian Coupons is a daily email from which I receive offers for either coupons or free stuff.

One of these free things that I sent for were Xpand shoelaces. They turn your everyday sneaker into a slip on, and easily enough.

If you are Canadian and would like free things, make sure to go log in and have them send you emails.


It’s one of my favorite things to receive, an email that doesn’t want anything in return but to give you offers!!

Look for more of these freebie reviews. I have got a ton more stuff that I have ordered through their website!!

Below is my take on this freebie. Make sure to follow me on my YouTube channel!!