Eyeglasses From The Dollar Tree (The Real Deal Series)

Why doesn’t everyone know about these?

Because we live in a society that dictates that you cannot get quality from Dollar Stores.

Ask any right self-proclaimed yuppie if he shops his eyeglasses at the Dollar Tree and he will outright laugh in your face.

Thing is reading glasses are a bit problematic since you don’t wear them all the time. 

You only wear them when you read and if you don’t have an existing eye problem such as I have by having been near sighted all my life, then you take these off and on, leaving more room for breakage and loss.

If you lose a pair of glasses that are $125 you might find that a bit disheartening, however if you lose a pair worth $1.25, then it makes it a bit more tolerable.

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Laundry In A Bucket (five gallon ideas) — Hand Washing Clothes – Life Does Not End When Machines Are Not Used

A few years back, hubby and I did an experiment.

An experiment that involved getting rid of the washer and dryer.

Yes you heard me. We just up and got rid of them. After taking an inventory of what consumed the most energy in the home, it was discussed that the dryer was definitely one of the big ones along with the stove and water heater (electric).

And that with it, the washer also took a lot with the motor and rotator consuming tons electricity.

With a lot of trepidation we sold both and realized instantly that we had way too many clothes.

After pairing down we started doing meaningful laundry.

Meaningful meaning in a bucket. We washed what we needed.

What do you need:

1. A five gallon bucket.

2. Something to agitate your clothes. We used a new toilet plunger with small holes punched out on the top to let the water flow through.

3. Enough water to cover the clothes you need washed.

4. A bit of soap, remember you don’t need as much.

5. A some kind of strainer electric, manual or otherwise to help get rid of extra water, because let’s face it, the less water you have, the faster your clothes dry.

It is really that simple.

First thing we noticed is that our clothes got really really clean. Nothing like washing it yourself to see the grime in clothes. We put effort and literal elbow grease to get our things clean.

If you follow the link below, I actually made a video showing how easy and not as bad as it may sound…

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A Decade To Freedom: How To Save 10K a Year Series – Meal Planning Strategies To Save You Money!

This my third video this week. I am super exhausted, but very happy to do it. First one was to celebrate 100 Subscribers, second was a collaboration with other great YouTube ladies to explain when our sick and tired moment did us in finally to make a change. Make sure to watch that.

And this is my normal Thursday video that got posted late last night. Sorry guys, been kinda running the candle at both ends.

Continuing in the series of saving money. So far in the videos, I have gotten us to $8660 and in the last two vids I’ll make I’ll show you how we got that to over $10000 saved in just monthly expenses. So don’t miss one and remember you can go back any time to my Channel to watch anything you missed.

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