How Do I Organize My Life?

Ever run out of time in a day. I do. All the time.

So how do I optimize my time? With a list and a lot of forgiveness.

With everything I do in a day it stands to reason that I could feel like there is not enough time in a day to get everything done, let alone keep a home clean.

I found that even a little attention to your home can get you in a state that is better than complete messery (and yes that is not a word and I made it up).

How do I do that? Well every day I write down a task or two that I want to do beyond dishes and making my bed that I saw would need some doing.

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New Sources Of Side Income – Tally For June

I figured I would do this blog entry to let you know what I am currently making other than my regular salary.

And most would ask, why do you want to work more than your normal salaries if you have decent jobs etc…

Well here is my explanation for this.

As you all know, we are on a 10 year journey to becoming financial free. And although the jobs we work would probably get us there and we have paid off all our revolving debt.

It would most likely take a bit more than 10 years to do.

Here is why…. We started this much too late in life.

Now I know many of you will understand this.

Now I won’t say that we were all bad. Most decisions were made because we were living on one income for a family of four, however, there are some instances that we could maybe have done better with our cash if we had had better knowledge on the subject instead of doing like everyone else we knew and just hoping for the best. Or hoping to win the lottery.

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That’s it! Sick and Tired Of Being Sick and Tired

Here are the questions I will be answering today:

How long ago was your “sick and tired moment”?

Describe what happened that made you sick and tired of being sick and tired

-What changes did you make because of this?

-Did your other half get on board with the changes?

-If not, how did you overcome the resistance?

If yes, how did s/he participate?

-What do you envision your life being like when you have met your goals?

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Watch “How To Beat Debt Repayment Budget Burnout” on YouTube

It was a long journey to get to be debt free and it was not always a smooth ride to get there.

The biggest thing to overcome sometimes is the mental aspect of it and the fact that you have to wait for gratification. It is not always instant and if you have a set back it can leave you feeling a little more than frustrated at time.

Here are a few tips that we used to make ourselves feel so much better. You need to find your happy places and happy moments to make sure you don’t burnout.

Enjoy! And if you have not subscribed to our YT channel yet, please take the time to do so and have a look around. Their some awesome tips and tricks, reviews and how-to’s with a little bit of laughter and love added here and there.

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Watch “Best No Spend Tip For Any Month Of The Year!” On YouTube

With many people doing a no spend month of November for obvious reasons that Christmas is on the way.

I have tried in my 2 + year journey towards debt freedom to adopt a more permanent way of staying out of debt and staying away from consumerism.

As with so many things in my life, I have found that the simplest of answers is usually the one I favor and the one that works the best for me.

I stole this way of doing it from a good friend of mine who I noticed never had too much in her home.

You know that person, who has a warmly furnished place, but not too many things and all done tastefully and without clutter.

I asked her what was her secret and she replied that she is also tempted to buy many things but refuses to be swayed by it unless she has a permanent home designated for it before she even considers taking it with her.

I found myself de-cluttering my home in the last year and realized just how many things had no home and how many things I was throwing out or giving away.

I made the decision right there and then that if I bought something, I would need to have a home for it.

It has seriously curbed my spending habit. Not to say that I don’t sometimes fall off the wagon and spend without thinking it through. Lifetime habits are never always 100% broken, however, I usually find the mistake in my ways and end up getting back on track (usually giving away the trinket that I bought on impulse).

This little trick is good every month of the year and has saved me thousands I’m sure and I wanted to share it with everyone today. Just one of many things that got us where we are now. Debt Free.


November Is The Loneliest Month!

I have to admit it…I anticipate November every month with a bit of a dread. It’s such a sad month.

It gets dark earlier, usually because of a time change early in the month. The leaves disappear from the trees and the rains start and the weather gets colder. All of it makes me feel like finding a warm blanket and not putting my nose out until the first snowfall and Christmas decoration.

Along with the fact that this month means a stall in life until spring, it also represents some pretty hefty bills when it comes to this family. We end up having to buy or change tires, oil changes, windshield washer and wiper upgrades etc… not to mention the winterizing of the home and such.

We also buy out heating wood usually in the months ahead to get us through the weather.

I’m hoping because of our money situation as in us being finally debt free (exception of the mortgage) we can get the wood and more of it earlier in the upcoming year so November next year is not such an expenditure heavy month ever again.

To add to all of it this year, we actually had to have our passport renewed because they expired. And while the idea of getting them for 10 years instead of 5 is an awesome one. The price is also double for double the time.

I’m hoping that I can actually get a break in December! And finally see a bank account grow and know what that feels like for a difference. HA! I guess that will have to be continued. While we wait for that, here is another video explaining why I Don’t Like November.

Is there a month that makes you feel poor? Let me know in the comments!