Slowly But Surely…

I am super excited about this part of my life. We are finally doing things to the house to empty it.

Yes you heard me correctly. My living room is beginning to look like a ghost town. It is so empty I swear I can almost hear my voice echo in it when I walk into it. The room I thought was small for a living room now looks super big.

Some may question why we put so little in it, but the answer is simple. Room to think without clutter. Room to breathe. And finally less stuff to clean from week to week.

We are also finishing the closet in our bedroom. A job that has been ignored for the better part of 4 years (where does time go).

You just get tapped out or tired or just burnt out of doing things in your home.

I’m hoping we can pace ourselves here because I want stuff to get done, but I don’t want to go overboard.

The difference than the other times we started this would be that we had tons of debt and would spend thousands to start a project that sometimes did not get finished. And somehow the clutter as well as the bills kept climbing.

This time, we are using materials we can find and try to spend the least without compromising the clean cut look of things, but we are keeping in mind that less is more. Less spent, less junk. Keeping both are space and money and staying debt free.

People clean out spaces only to fill them back up with crap. This time we are cleaning them and trying to put a lot less back.

The greatest thing about all of this is you know that feeling you get when you have brand new shelves and pristine white walls, how just clean and fresh it feels. By not overfilling with stuff, you can get to keep that feeling all the time!!

Feels great! I highly recommend it.

What’s Next? After The Vacation…

I always find myself asking the very same question every single time I come back from vacation.

I realize that so many things in my life don’t serve my best purpose. Like the way the perfect vacation bed feels as opposed to the one you sleep in at home.

As in how you should probably take better care of yourself after having had the time to rest without losing anything like your full weekend to do so.

I always come back after two weeks and think, I know I am doing this all wrong somehow, because I feel like so much more myself when I have had the time to think about it as opposed the herd like routines we do everyday.

Even on vacation, I’ve realized just how much we have changed in the last 3 years of what we expect a vacation to mean. While the sense of adventure would surpass the physical demands of a long car ride, now I think we have decided that  maybe we can stop trying to see everything all at once and enjoy more time in one spot and less time car weary from jumping from place to place.

We have also realized that how much money you spend does not dictate the amount of joy you will feel or whether or not people actually have manners (you would think it would but trust me, it doesn’t).

Sometimes the cheapest things brings you the most joy and other people such as yourself who enjoys these things are the nicest in the world.

And that although you think you will enjoy the $29 plate of liquid potato they serve you a lot more than anything you have ever eaten, in actuality, the much cheaper fried chicken dinner you sat and ate with hubby in your room on one of the last days was a ton cheaper and tasted a lot better than that fancy crap everyone tries to sell you.

I found that it comes down to a few things. Knowing what you like which is different for everyone and knowing the difference between crap and quality and not being so easily impressed by fancy names and fancy prices.

I also know now more than ever I want my time to be my own. Not because I hate working, but just because I give so much of it to working that I forget  what I like and care for. It somehow gets lost in the everyday routine of things.

So my new days resolution will be to work every single day to be comfortable as much at home as anywhere else by making the space peaceful and start filling other baskets with as much passive income through as many different means so that I can concentrate on living and less on exchanging my precious time and personality in some cases for money.

How are you changing your life in the brightest way? Do you set goald for yourself every single day?

Life is good. Isn’t it?




Some Days, You’ll Feel Like Giving Up – DON’T DO IT!

Does it always seem like you have to work 5 times harder than anyone else on the planet to get ahead?

Do you want to give up almost every day because you figure you are just too damn tired and not getting anywhere?

You keep working to get half of what the complainers and whiners get and you have had enough.

It’s normal to get frustrated.

Feel like you are going uphill? Yes I know how that feels too.

Are you different than the crowd? Do you do things your way? Does that cause you problems sometimes?

If you have replied yes to any of these, you might be an individual who is beyond the crowd. A one of a kind sort of person.

Is it difficult not to fit into the norm of society? Yes, sometimes it is.

Do you know that some of the most successful people failed, were rejected and turned down? Take Walt Disney for example who was once accused of “lacking imagination and having no good ideas” by a newspaper editor.

Feel alone in the world of feeling like a failure. Don’t. You are in good company. Most successful people have felt or have in fact failed a few times before making it.

What is different with them from the rest of the world?

They prevailed. They did not give up. They believed in themselves or their inventions/designs etc when nobody else did.

Keep believing you can do it. The only time you really fail is when you give up on yourself.

Don’t give up on your dreams.