The Secret To My Successful Life!

I was just thinking about stuff this morning and realizing how grateful I am for everything I have and am experiencing in my life and decided to write about it. Hope you all don’t mind!

Here are 5 things I have realized have played an important role in building my wonderful life so far!

  1. Organize your life so it’s easier for you. Especially the stuff you don’t like doing. Very very important. There are tons of things I hate doing. Paying the bills used to be painful, until I discovered Telephone and Internet banking. Automating payments has also brought great liberation to my life. At work there are things I don’t enjoy doing, so I organize it that I have to spend the least amount of time on them by having my stuff organized to the point of automation. I found that giving them lots of attention at the beginning organizing things ensures that you just have to simply maintain the schedules that takes very little time in the future, liberating you to do other things.
  2. Get it done. I know this one seems simple, but if you need to do something and it may not be what you want and you keep putting it off, it’s just going to drive you crazy. It takes up room in your head, because you know you have to do it but you procrastinate and keep putting it off. So don’t put it off. Do it right now. Example, my younger son took his technical driver’s course last month, but no one has called him to do his practical, so I called them. I thought of it and found the number and left a message. Done. No leaving it and then forgetting then thinking about it again. Do it and follow through.
  3. Live your life to simplify it. Simplify your bills, your expenses, your living space. Make your life so you have more fun and less worry. Less cleaning and more playing. Less bills and more money. Work at it so you can get to a point where everything just sort of takes care of itself and all you have to do it enjoy your life. What a concept!
  4. Always believe the best is yet to come. Having a bad day where what you thought was going to happen did not. Believe that better is coming. We needed a vehicle and it could have gone 1 of 2 ways. My son wanted a truck, and we had found one, but in the end the salesman was a dream crushing jerk (put that there for my son) and decided to change the terms of the deal we had already agreed to. The other way was to get a vehicle for my husband. A deal suddenly became apparent yesterday afternoon in the form of a $1000 car which was certified and e-tested (for emissions) from a source we both trust when it comes to mechanical stuff. My son will eventually find his good deal even if it wasn’t yesterday and a less than honest salesman (which I’m sure Karma has special plans for without my intervention), but I truly believed that something good was coming (which saved us tons of cash right now), and regardless of what happens. I still believe it every day. That state of mind I think brings the good in your life, it attracts it. Even when you are disappointed for yourself or someone, if you believe that better is coming, you change your thought patterns. It sure has helped in mine so far!
  5. Enjoy the moments when they present themselves. The sunny blue sky. The funny joke of a husband or son/daughter. The hug at the door. The free skids of wood from a local business that let us pick it up for free. Even having a borrowed company truck that lets us pick them up this week.  The new technology or app that I found to simplify my life even more. Enjoy absolutely everything and be grateful for it when the opportunities present themselves. You are succeeding. Be grateful that you are.

I’m sure there is more I am forgetting, but you get from my quick 5 what really is helping me in my journey. Have you thought of the success you are subject to everyday?

Is there anything you could be doing to contribute to it?

Leave me comments below and share what make your days good!


Working On You Instead Of Others!

I have noticed in my quest to help myself that I always go back to me when things are not what I like or want them to be.

Because I like my reaction better than anyone I know.

Let me explain.

Ever get excited about stuff and then wonder why when you try to share to help, no one is as excited as you.

Of course I am excluding my partner in crime here which is hubby.

He is always excited by my plans, because he gets to benefit in the end and it’s always a bit of challenge which I think he enjoys as well.

So what do you do to get people on your side? Nothing. Don’t do a single thing.

Keep doing what you love and keep being happy with it. If you share your good fortune and share how to get that good fortune whether it be sharing Facebook postings about happiness and peace or your saving money ideas and no one appears to be that interested. It’s alright. Don’t take it personally and please no matter what you do, don’t give up or stop if you love what you are doing.

Ever hear about the pot that is watched never boils. It’s true for a lot of things. If you simply do what you love and leave it alone, I guarantee you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes it’s not about an agenda but more a true belief and love of what you are doing and sharing. If you are constantly awaiting approval from a population who has its own life to live, you might end up feeling quite disappointed.

So stop worrying so much of what should be happening and could be happening and just concentrate on what you really want to be doing? And enjoy it.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break, but don’t’ give up on the stuff that you love. It is who you are. The people who know you and love you are interested and it should not really matter what the rest of the world thinks. You have shared and if they want to be part of that, they can always be.

Do what you can with what you have and want to share of yourself, and do it because you want to and for no other reason.

When you do what you love, everything else eventually follows. It can’t help it. All the positive you bring has to bounce off somewhere. And what you send out comes back to you. You share the good, you receive the good.

It’s a thing, so go out and do your thing!