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In keeping with finding free stuff and/or savings in everything we do. I have decided to review a new app I found over the weekend for learning certain new language.

For now it does not have every language, but a few is better than none and it’s FREE!

This neat little application is fun to do and you get to learn how to speak a brand new language and the best part is that it’s completely free. (Yeah I know I’m repeating myself)

Want to brush up on your French or learn Spanish, you can do it here.

If interested I navigate through the first part to give an idea of what it’s like.

Just download the app to your laptop or phone. Sign up with your email and you are ready to roll.

As of today we are not getting anything to promote this app. This is solely based on the fact that I used it and liked it.

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Here is our latest installment of Decade to Freedom!

Madness or Genius!

Well our Hydro bill is still maintaining at $150 a month all year round. Sometimes less between $130 and $140.

Even if you only do this for half the time, there are savings to be had. And it’s getting back to basics if you ever need it in a pinch or when you are camping. Never stuck and ready for anything.

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Stay tuned on the great little machine that wrings out our clothes to an almost dry state coming soon!

Here we go again! I have re-published my book on savings. I have re-published it because I have re-written it.

I wanted less of a point form and more of a step-by-step of what we did to save money this year.

I have re-named it 10 Ways We Saved $2000 On Our Electric Bill.

Here is a sample of the what is inside.


In May of last year, I started to do some real serious inventory on what we were spending.
Energy conservation was not the first thing I did to save on money, but it certainly was one that took up most of my time.
It took some research and planning to find the best things to decrease our energy consumption and took some sacrifices for certain things to really make a difference.
I should add that where I live in Ontario Canada, our hydro rates are through the roof where we now pay almost 20cents a kilowatt at peak times and almost 10cents at low peak times.
Our delivery charges if you live in a rural country town are an astronomical $85 dollars a month regardless of what you use and they keep raising prices every six months just to make our lives even more difficult.
When you calculate the taxes, it becomes a nightmare to open up our bills especially in the winter.
It is also a reason we are looking for alternate ways of providing electricity to our home in the near future so we can get off the grid and put that money back into our pocket.
When I first started out I wanted to cut our bill in half. I was on a monthly budget where I paid $325 a month for Hydro. I used to accumulate during the summer (although not that much because the air conditioner was running constantly) to have enough for winter.
I wanted to drop that to $150 a month. I have done one better and dropped it to and average of $140 a month. I will show you a graph of my actual month to month and you can judge for yourself.
I wanted to share with all of you what I have done to save this much money.
Now, you can apply some or all of these things for instant savings.
We have a goal of retiring younger than 65 or 67 (whichever one they decide on in Canada) so that we have more years of living and traveling before we officially retire and settle down.
We want out of our debt and for that reason we will do what is necessary to pay everything off, including our mortgage so we can have a place to live that cost us next to nothing during retirement and have financial freedom and also be as independent as we can from paying anyone for anymore than we have to.
So as I said before, this was not the beginning of our journey. We had already made changes to save us money that I will talk about in my next book in our money saving series.
But lets get going on the energy savings while I explain how we did this.
So for anyone interested in our journey or even interested in ways you could possibly save on your electric bills, the book is now available on Amazon. By clicking on the book you can get to, but it’s also available from any country.
The book is also permanently displayed on the side bar of my blog is anyone is looking for it.
The Second Book giving all the savings we made this year entitled
More Ways We Saved An Additional $7000 A Year
Should be available shortly, so look out for it.