How Easy Is It To Fall Back Into The Debt Trap!

Well Christmas and New Year has come and gone and as it does every year, and as with most years, we did not go through it unscathed.

And although I have the money to pay for it all (within a couple of weeks), I am always faced with the fear of falling back into the debt trap.

It seems so easy to just start spending again. We didn’t exactly save up for these things, but we sort of knew that within a certain amount, we could pay it back relatively quickly.

It still unnerves me though just how quick it is to just fall back into certain spending habits.

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What If I Lost My Job? Then Vs. Now

A thought that has crossed my mind from time to time….

Here is what would have crossed my mind 5 years ago if that would have happened.

OMG what happens now? Less than a $1000 in the bank as a cushion and loads of debt ($60000).

Could I make the minimum payments on everything? My house payment? Possibly, but it would have been done with great difficulty and a lot of stress.

In one word…Worry.

But what about now?

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Watch “How To Beat Debt Repayment Budget Burnout” on YouTube

It was a long journey to get to be debt free and it was not always a smooth ride to get there.

The biggest thing to overcome sometimes is the mental aspect of it and the fact that you have to wait for gratification. It is not always instant and if you have a set back it can leave you feeling a little more than frustrated at time.

Here are a few tips that we used to make ourselves feel so much better. You need to find your happy places and happy moments to make sure you don’t burnout.

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