What’s Next? After The Vacation…

I always find myself asking the very same question every single time I come back from vacation.

I realize that so many things in my life don’t serve my best purpose. Like the way the perfect vacation bed feels as opposed to the one you sleep in at home.

As in how you should probably take better care of yourself after having had the time to rest without losing anything like your full weekend to do so.

I always come back after two weeks and think, I know I am doing this all wrong somehow, because I feel like so much more myself when I have had the time to think about it as opposed the herd like routines we do everyday.

Even on vacation, I’ve realized just how much we have changed in the last 3 years of what we expect a vacation to mean. While the sense of adventure would surpass the physical demands of a long car ride, now I think we have decided that  maybe we can stop trying to see everything all at once and enjoy more time in one spot and less time car weary from jumping from place to place.

We have also realized that how much money you spend does not dictate the amount of joy you will feel or whether or not people actually have manners (you would think it would but trust me, it doesn’t).

Sometimes the cheapest things brings you the most joy and other people such as yourself who enjoys these things are the nicest in the world.

And that although you think you will enjoy the $29 plate of liquid potato they serve you a lot more than anything you have ever eaten, in actuality, the much cheaper fried chicken dinner you sat and ate with hubby in your room on one of the last days was a ton cheaper and tasted a lot better than that fancy crap everyone tries to sell you.

I found that it comes down to a few things. Knowing what you like which is different for everyone and knowing the difference between crap and quality and not being so easily impressed by fancy names and fancy prices.

I also know now more than ever I want my time to be my own. Not because I hate working, but just because I give so much of it to working that I forget  what I like and care for. It somehow gets lost in the everyday routine of things.

So my new days resolution will be to work every single day to be comfortable as much at home as anywhere else by making the space peaceful and start filling other baskets with as much passive income through as many different means so that I can concentrate on living and less on exchanging my precious time and personality in some cases for money.

How are you changing your life in the brightest way? Do you set goald for yourself every single day?

Life is good. Isn’t it?




​Dealing With Change:

It’s important to realize that life will throw you curve balls. Sometimes some pretty big ones.

Changes that can be handled in a moment and others that will take time to deal with.

Regardless of which one you might have to go through I like to deal with all my situations head on. Putting things off until later could cause the situations to just get worse. So take it, make it yours (only if it is yours, there is no need to take on the world’s problems), fix it if you can, handle it if there is no choice and then let them go and move on or try to.

There are few reasons why I like handling stuff this way.

1)      The faster you deal with it, the faster it may go away.

2)      I like moving forward and dealing with stuff helps you do without having to turn back to deal with something you put off (that may only make your life worse later).

3)      No matter how bad the situation, you will eventually move on. Life will continue and you along with it. Dealing and healing is the only way to make sure that the rest of your life does not stay in the shadows of problems or hurt.


Change happens whether it’s good or bad. The only thing that is a certainty is that things will always change. The best thing you can do is try to roll with the punches. Be grateful when it’s a good change, and let yourself deal with the bad ones.


The other thing I would recommend about changes that you can control somewhat is that you are organized when they come. That way you can implement them with minimum effort. On the flip side I would also recommend you don’t get involved in drama where change likes to reside and it’s usually not for the better, but change that throws your life into flux often with no real value at the end.  Stay away from people who create dramatic change for there are often other reasons behind the changes they bring on and it has little to do with self-growth.


The reason I write about this today is that in the last little while, I have been dealing with changes. Some that I have brought on, some that were added to my life and even some that may throw my life in a bit of twirl for a while.


Having the right mind set and being prepared has greatly eased the moments and I feel great when I finally manage to get past another hurdle or figure out things to get me on the right road again. 


Whether you are an expert at change or stumble at dealing with it, just remember, it’s better to deal with it clumsily instead of sweeping it aside or letting others try to deal with your problems for you.

And try not to anticipate changes too much before they happen because you may cause yourself some unneeded stress before the event may or may not happen. That is usually called “fearing or expecting the worst”.


And lastly, try to see some changes as good things, for they may offer growth in ways you may never have thought of. Just look at you today as opposed to five years ago. Has a lot changed? Has it not? Are you a better version of yourself?