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What happens when you suddenly find yourself back tracking? This would be the umpteenth time for me since the beginning of this journey almost 2 years ago (will be 2 years in October).

Last year, my husband’s car crapped out and we suddenly had to find $3000. It was not that bad since we were still kind of high in debt (about $25000), and it hurt less to back track a bit, but this time around, we were almost out of debt. $2400 left to pay and bam… A few things happened to set us back.

First you get the wind knocked out of you. Then you get a little discouraged. Then you review the situation and look at it from a different point of view.

My mom’s partner of 11 years died. She is grieving deeply and I wanted to be there for her, knowing how tough this situation would be for anyone. So I booked a flight out and went to see her for a week. Although I had some extra vacation time, it still spelled out an amount $1800 extra when all was said and done. I’m in Canada —-She is in Texas.

Then while I was away, hubby found a car for my youngest. When the boys graduated, our gift to them was to be a new/used car that they could use to get out there and make their way with jobs and such. To give them a chance at starting with some help. In the area we live in, they need transportation to get to work, being that the next village of any size in any direction is about 25 minutes by car. My older son inherited my old Cavalier when I changed it for a Jeep, so that was easy, but my younger son was to inherit my older son’s newer Cavalier that he had bought himself (and we were buying off of him) and was changing up for a truck. The car had some issues and was really uncomfortable for my younger son, so he was uninterested in the car.

Last weekend my husband found a car for him that was both certified, e-tested and tested by my younger son for comfort. He loved it but now we had to find $2200 + tax for this expense. While the price for this 2009 is really not extravagant. The timing is not helping our debt repayment. And while we can probably sell the other car that was supposed to be his, we still need to get some repairs done and the car sold before we can make any money if any.

And lastly, we had been doing a bunch of work on my Jeep. We have had it for 5 years and put barely anything in it. It’s had breaks all around done, struts, shocks, tie rods and links. Because it was so out of whack it wore the tires all wrong making that the ones on it no longer safe for me to be driving on.

So finally, we had to buy some new tires after all that work and since they are not free as well, we suddenly ended up with another amount to pay.

Now for you die-hards Dave Ramseyers, you would say “why didn’t you get a sinking fund?” or “an emergency fund?” Well we did start out with an emergency fund, but with all the repairs to the truck we were doing, it quickly disappeared and being so close to the end of our debt, I figured we could get there and then take care of the bills without replenishing it.

But I should have known that Murphy’s Law would not let me get away with that. So our $2400 suddenly jumped up to $6500.

Here is where I would insert an unhappy face 😔 Unhappy but really not feeling that bad all in all. Disappointed that I won’t get to the finish line as anticipated, but then I started thinking of these expenses. Were they frivolous and unfounded? No. Had we been really good and tightened our belts in the course of the last 2 years. Absolutely Yes.

Hopefully it will be the last time I have to put anything back on credit because technically I should be able to pay anything I spend off within a month or two from now on or right on the spot when I start having money in the bank which will be a whole new experience for us.

So we now have an 8 week countdown to the end again. Tomorrow will spell the end of week 1. It’s really not that long if you think about it or it could be the longest 8 weeks you’ll ever experience (depending on how you feel). Regardless, it needs to be done and so we will try try again.

In the end, that is all you can really do.

How do you handle failure or set-backs? 


What is a sinking fund you ask? The simplest of answers is this, its money you squirrel away for something you want to save up for.

Example: Christmas presents, new car, vacation and the list goes on and on.

The importance of a sinking fund even when you still owe money and want to put it all into the bills is it prevents budget burnout.

You will save and save but at one point, you will burn out and if you don’t take the time to put money away for anything or take a break, this is when you risk falling off the big wagon, especially if you have years of paying off debt to do.

I have a special holiday coming up for our anniversary. I am actively saving a little off every paycheck to cover the cost of that and it’s important that I put that money away and not touch it until I need it and the reason is this; if I don’t save up for it, when it comes around, I would have to use money from my paid credit cards or credit line and then it will feel like I am taking many steps back. If I have that money set aside, my regular payments don’t get affected and I can take a holiday free of guilt.

Guilt free is very important.

I would go as far as saying that even if you are not entirely sure what the sinking fund will be used for, I would still squirrel money away every week, into an envelope or a separate account. Having that extra cash in a pinch or when you finally decide you have had enough and decide to hop on a plane to the nearest hot beach last minute to take a welcome break means you can do it without any guilt and you get your break from being such a good little money soldier all the rest of the time.

I used to find it hard to take from the payoff fund and put that money aside. I kept thinking “but it’s just sitting there, why would I not just put it in the debt repayment?”

Because you should not put money you will end up spending into debt repayment. For all intents and purposes, the money you put on debt repayment, should remain paying off the debt. By making a sinking fund, you are insuring that the money you pay off, stays paid off.

We have to stop making it a habit of thinking that money that is in a credit card belongs to us, like an extension of cash. That money does not belong to us. It belongs to someone else.

The idea is to get off the revolving credit thing! Dipping into paid accounts only makes it easier to revert back to old habits that got you where you are in the first place.


Do you have a sinking fund, or many? What have you purchased with your sinking fund?

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