Frugal Deal Or Frugal Fail – Dollarama Lazy Susans

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My Frustration With YouTube…

I have tried in the last 5 months to be very impartial when it comes to YouTube.

They make that very hard by first demonetizing hard working small creators and then slowly killing their channels by hardly promoting some while others with hardly any sense or content zoom past content creator like they are standing still.

Even today when finally coming up with the strategy of an alternate blog to be able to monetize did I hit another snag when they put a strike on my channel for putting a link they made me verify themselves. It was quite annoying and it has become apparent to me that they care very little that anyone might have put in thousands of hours to make pennies that they simply took away from soo many creators without a single shred of remorse.

But regardless of the few snags I finally found a way to get back into the game of winning….I think…for now anyways.

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