It’s been interesting. I have not worked this hard in ages to get something going. I started with writing e-books that I most certainly need to do again real soon and then blogging that I did for a straight year. 

But this last year or so I have been vlogging on my YT channel.

And over the weekend I finally reached the threshold for payout which is around the $100 mark. No actual payment yet, but here is hoping.

To say that it was an uneventful ride would be a lie. Building a channel has so many hurdles that maybe if I had known I might have talked myself out of it.

The one good thing about doing a YT channel is that you document your successes, you share your valuable information and you have a record of the wonderful moments in your life.

And that in itself is the most important part. Now for the rest of it is a bit harder, to build it, to sustain it, constantly tweaking it, not to mention all the roadblocks they send up with the constant changes that cause glitches in the system. Sometimes it’s enough to make you cry in frustration.

The next part is to keep it interesting. I knew that I didn’t want to just sit and be a talking head…although sometimes we do that too, but to not be a talking head requires so much more work than what others are doing. Just ťhe thought of what to do next is quite exhausting some times.

And sometimes, regardless of the effort you put into it, others get more for less done and that can also be very frustrating.

Being a small channel, it sometimes does not matter what you put out there, the fact of the matter is, your content is not shared as much as people who have more than 1000 subscriptions because you are smaller and have less reach. So you keep working at it…hoping one day…it will all get what it deserves.

You sometimes watch other channels go dark for weeks and still grow much faster than you when they come back when you post every week no matter what!

But then again, no one said it would be fair.

You watch some ridiculous stuff get millions of views while your content gets for the most part ignored compared to these dumb things.

However, I feel so much better these days because of reaching that threshold. It’s finally started paying off…somewhat…lol

Now I’m not saying that is what my work is worth for all the creativity of 160 videos and hours of work to get paid only $100 but it’s a beginning and these things grow if you feed them. 

So passing that line is very good juju for me. I keep hoping that my sub count will increase faster so I can reach that other threshold by end of year to unlock some more fun stuff and increase the speed of my growth but with the stall I am experiencing these days I won’t hold my breath.

My channel “A Decade To Freedom” now has more than 45,000 views and keeps growing every day.

The videos on the channel are funny and more than that I am proud of them because they are hearrfelt and featuring some of my favorite people in the world with some awesome topics which makes me grateful no matter what happens.

I am happy that we are contributing to folks who like us want help making their lives better, who are ready and open to new things and enjoy us sharing our thoughts and lives with them.

I wanted to share my small yet relevant success this morning. It’s been a lot of hard work and determination but if you work hard, things do eventually start happening.

All you need to do sometimes is try and then not give up.

If you haven’t heard or visited my channel I invite you to do so now.
Your subscribing and watching helps us grow and cost nothing to you the viewer, just a bit of your time and we appreciate it greatly.