The moon is intuitive but it is also very elusive. It shines a light on that which is not her own. 

This is my new response to people who ask why I don’t do traditional tarot reads with predictions attached to it.  First and foremost, I am not saying that it is wrong to do these readings, but that is just is not for me. 

I like to shine a light on a situation without giving up the punch line.  I want to help others tap into their own answers with my guidance.

Imagine that every problem or challenge you asked yourself to face when coming on this journey here on earth had someone or something giving you the answers all day, every day. 

As fun as that would be for a time, it would soon lose all it’s flavor. 

You could shut down your own system to just rely on others to do it for you (kings and queens have done it in the past). Or you could get addicted and afraid to make another step not trusting yourself without someone’s word of yes or no to get you where you need to go.

You would then stop looking at things deeper to get insight. Why bother, you have all the answers before the questions are even asked. Why do the work. 

All these questions, I posed to spirit before I began this and decided that I wanted to make people feel comfortable about inviting spiritual guidance in, so I could act as a tool for personal empowerment instead of answering questions about if Bill and Betty would get together. 

I figure if they are meant to be and it was decided before they came, it is going to happen regardless of what I have to say on the subject. 

I am not here to do show you magic tricks that I can perform with Spirit but to help you see the beautiful magic you have available inside of you. 

Love ‘n Light

Jane xxx

Have you ever been on your journey, minding your own business, knowing and fully confident on the path you were on and then…Bam! Something changes?

Course corrections happen to us all. And they should, course corrections remind us that we have learned something new that helps us move even more confidently in the direction that serves us best at this moment in time. It may change tomorrow, but right now, all that you are and all that you do is based on all that you have been and possibly all that you will learn.

When such things happens, it can give us a sense of imbalance. It’s so comforting to know where you are going all the time, not to mention a sense of security.

Running towards something without looking around can box us in somewhere that we suddenly realize later we really did not want. This is how so many of us end us saying. “Why did I end up here?”

Spirit is saying here that we are ever changing, ever growing beings. We need to learn new things in order to reach our new sync in life. We are here to change and grow, not to stay still and stagnate.

So when focus gets fuzzy on your journey, or feels different, less vibrant. It may be time to stop and focus. There may be something you are not seeing.

Big or small adjustments may be required for you to get back on your way. You should know when they are right. Your gut or energy will feel easier, smoother, clearer.

It’s not a crime to change your mind or course correct. It is part of life and spirits way of helping you get to where you need to be right now, today…until tomorow.

As always remember. We are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience.

Enjoy the journey!

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