Saving On Fitness


It’s funny how you will overspend on the stupid stuff.

10 thousand items from the Dollar Store, but you seldom invest in the stuff that could actually help you.

Such was the case with us. For years now, every time summer comes around, my husband says.

“I should buy a bike. I use to love biking as a kid.”

But having been $60,000 in debt kinda stops you sometimes from the bigger ticket items thinking that somehow, the death through a thousand cuts (buying a whole bunch of unneeded cheap crap) would somehow make it okay.

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When You Are All About The Savings

Saving money makes me feel good. The reason… Because it’s money I put back in my pocket.

Last month I decided to get back on the saving money train.

Part of that meant letting go of things I deemed no longer profitable.

Part of it was my love/hate relationship with YouTube. But mostly I wanted to put more energy where it would benefit us as a couple who want to stop working in the years that are soon approaching and that would involve maximizing our money. Click here to continue reading….

Laundry In A Bucket — Life Does Not End When Machines Are Not Used

A few years back, hubby and I did an experiment.

An experiment that involved getting rid of the washer and dryer.

Yes you heard me. We just up and got rid of them. After taking an inventory of what consumed the most energy in the home, it was discussed that the dryer was definitely one of the big ones along with the stove and water heater (electric).

And that with it, the washer also took a lot with the motor and rotator consuming tons electricity.

With a lot of trepidation we sold both and realized instantly that we had way too many clothes.

After pairing down we started doing meaningful laundry.

Meaningful meaning in a bucket. We washed what we needed. First thing we noticed is that our clothes got really really clean. Nothing like washing it yourself to see the grime in clothes. We put effort and literal elbow grease to get our things clean.

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