How Is Meditation/Relaxation Good For Your Health?

The popularity of meditation/relaxation methods are at an all time high these days. You hear these terms being dropped from every guru walking the planet promoting a healthy way of life.


Meditation/Relaxation helps with concentration and focusing of your thoughts, which in turn helps decrease anxiety and stress.

For as long as I can remember, people around me would repeat that stress is a killer more than anything else out there.

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The reason for this is that it stimulates the sensation not unlike the one we get when we are in danger, which for a certain amount of time is alright and is beneficial to survival.

However, in the uptight fast track world we are currently living in, having this emotional response to danger simulated day in and out that leaves us in a constant state of stress can become a real problem.

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Minimize To Optimize – The Boys Edition

Giving up stuff has gotten easier over the years. The open ongoing giveaway box has been a recurring thing in our house now for quite a few years.

In my series I like to show you what I have been giving away every week, because it’s sometimes fun to go through and try to rationalize what you bought and why?

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How To Deal: Multiple Chronic Pain Sufferers In The Same Home!

There is a lot of talk about Chronic Pain and it’s impact on our lives and others, but what about when you live in a household when more than one of you suffers from pain.

Don’t you just want someone to take care of you when you feel bad, but then if that person is sometimes sicker than you are, even possibly suffering more, how does that work. Here is what I mean. I suffer from chronic illnesses, but my husband has issues as well. Continue reading “How To Deal: Multiple Chronic Pain Sufferers In The Same Home!”

Henna: The Benefits and Stuff about It You May Not Like!

I have been using henna for a while now. For myself, I love it. I use the red one and the benefits to my hair has been plenty. My thick mane of hair has returned and my scalp has been so so so very appreciative of the fact that I no longer dump chemicals on it. No more burning or scabs caused by pouring some nasty chemicals on my head. Pretty sure it helps not to dump cancer causing chemicals on your head. Continue reading “Henna: The Benefits and Stuff about It You May Not Like!”

Weekly Update -$28,179.52 – New Savings Videos Coming And Why It Matters To You!

For revolving credit, we are finally on the final leg of the race. That is why you are seeing an amount on the title of this blog. That is all the revolving credit we have to pay before we can say we are officially debt free. This however does not include our mortgage. But we are taking one step at a time. Continue reading “Weekly Update -$28,179.52 – New Savings Videos Coming And Why It Matters To You!”