Shining A Light On That Which Is Not Your Own…

The moon is intuitive but it is also very elusive. It shines a light on that which is not her own.  This is my new response to people who ask why I don’t do traditional tarot reads with predictions attached to it.  First and foremost, I am not saying that it is wrong to do […]

18. The Moon

The moon is the card of imagination and perceptions. It is very well known that owls favourite time is at night. It’s also when subconscious powers are at their peak. By the light of owl and her mysterious moon comes a flood of insight. A silent observer of intuitive knowledge she pierces through Illusions bringing […]


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About Me

Hi, I’m Jane.

I have always known what I know, but I have not always acknowledged it or known how to describe the gifts that I have.
The path of least resistance is where I get my answers and yours.
I cannot prove to you what I know but I know that I am completely sure of what I know.
My mission is to enlighten the world that is ready to hear what I have to say.
My plan is to uplift those who need illumination in their lives.
I fully expect for those in need to find me when they are meant to.
I look forward to this ride we are all on whether it’s good bad or otherwise.
I am remembering that I am Spirit having a human experience.
I am ready to help you remember that too.
Love & Light

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