1. Piqued and tweaked every time you mispronounce the condition when things are scarce. Scare not scar, Jane. Scare city, scare city, scare city, say it fast, say it faster, and repeat it many times until scar city is gone, please.
    Tweak your pronunciation to stop piquing me, please. It’s annoying every time. Kinda like when honey combs become catacombs which are tombs beneath Rome and hardly sweet medicinal goo/goodness.
    I dislike being negative also, but please be careful of what you habitually avoid. Pluto a.k.a. Hades/underworld of the Greco Roman Pantheon is dark. Darkness currently illuminated by Pluto’s current conjunction is bringing humanity’s darker natures to illumination and it’s not comfortable; quite inevitable. Yes, a semicolon; turning 62 Sunday and I have generational residue, too!
    Tweak your piques was not weird when nuanced. The guides are quite funny.

    I will be happy to elaborate some other piques regarding avoidance of shadow and the shadow of trying too hard to please.
    Thank you for intriguing me for several weeks and thanks for this feedback space. I mean no malice, only to improve your chalice.
    Feel free to contact me back. I sense speaking would serve us better. Also, they tell me 2/27. Happy to be wrong, but I heard 2/27.


    1. I do see just how much that disturbed your peace. It is quite apparent when three whole paragraphs, and one with example were dedicated to show your dislike of what is basically a different phonetic sound than what you are used to.
      I am glad I intrigued you for several weeks. I wouldn’t worry too much about that though. With the amount of sounds that I will murder with mispronunciations in the coming weeks, months and years, I am sure that this intrigue may wear off fairly soon.
      I’m afraid it can’t be helped since I am French first and English is not my mother tongue.
      I needed to respond to let you know that February 27 is incorrect as the day of my birth.
      I would like to respond to your malice/chalice barb with my own.
      Here goes…While details offer structure, the whole message is the bigger picture. (Oh I liked that! That was quite fun). Happy Early Birthday for the 6th. Hope the upcoming year brings you all you wish for. Regards, Jane.


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