What Kind Of Future Is Coming? Life After Co-Vid.

I was asked this question recently on my YouTube Channel?

“Here in the U.S., it is a very uncertain time. What kind of future is coming towards the end of this year? Strange time we are living in. Just a feeling I guess. What are your thoughts?”

Now being someone who does tarot, I knew that someone would eventually come to me to get answers. And although I find spirit rarely gives me definite answers such as dates since we are here with free will and can change anything at a moment’s notice. I have meditated with these thoughts in mind and here was my answer to the viewer.

“I have meditated on this a lot. My spiritual went full blown during this thing. Surprisingly enough, the pandemic has taken very little of my brain space since it has begun probably because I have never stopped working outside the home since I am part of a group of people who offers essential services.

Here is what I know and feel from Spirit.

These are important times.

Life as we know it shifting and changing in ways, some we can see and some that will only be examined and discovered over time.

Some good, some not so good.

This one single important message comes through over and over again.

We are spiritual energies having a human experience.

We are connected to source (god…whatever you choose to call it…etc…) and we are living through an incredible time of change never seen before.

Tremendous lessons can be learnt from this, that could make our lives and journeys here matter more than just being consumers or being slaves to jobs for others to manipulate us for greed of love of money and power.

Many have awakened to wonder as to the why of our collective paths, and have found we lack the basic joy of the gift of life that we were given as wonderful experiences to be had here on this big blue ball.

Human death is inevitable.

Whether we reach it today or later is inconsequential since our energy (spirit, soul is forever).

What really should make us sad is the fact that the quality of life we have been experiencing so far as a species has been so limiting and has fallen so short of the life we could be living.

I am hopeful that when this disease finally recedes and goes in the history books, the planet does not simply put a footnote saying “We Survived Co-Vid”…

but “We Finally Started to Really Live Because of Co-Vid” when those of us who survived remembered why we came here”.

Thanks for reading. Please Stay Safe.”

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