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Latest Posts

Shining Through

This card is about refusing to be small and to shine brightly. When you shine brightly you stand apart from others. You have come so far and you have been in the back of the room learning and gathering for so long and while this time has served its purpose you must now step into […]

Surrendering to Happy Endings🤗

The two cards that came out from the Numerology deck are card 93 Happy Ending and card 91 Surrender. The Happy Endings card talks about your happy ending being right around the corner even if that seems ridiculous and maybe not even favorable at the moment, a great outcome it’s just within your reach, even […]

Record Of The Past & Looking Forward To A Wonderful New Journey!

So as the year quickly approaches its end I got my final record of employment from the job where I had been for the past 11 years. I wish that I could write what a great impact all of this current journey of endings and beginnings had on me but to tell her the truth […]


This card indicates a need to listen to music you enjoy in order to improve your health well-being and overall Quality of Life. Playing singing composing or listening to beautiful music that fills your heart with joy automatically raises your vibration and enhances your connection to source because you attract what you feel in this […]


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