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Latest Posts

18. The Moon

The moon is the card of imagination and perceptions. It is very well known that owls favourite time is at night. It’s also when subconscious powers are at their peak. By the light of owl and her mysterious moon comes a flood of insight. A silent observer of intuitive knowledge she pierces through Illusions bringing […]

Ace of Cups

[Influence of the Angels Tarot Deck] The Ace of Cups in the tarot is usually connected to matters of the heart. Usually speaks of fresh starts dealing with relationships new beginnings even the birth of a child. When I look at the ace of cups I usually see a spiritual growth. A tuning in to […]

Healing The Heart #23

This beautiful card taken from the Oracle of the 7 Energies from Colette Baron-Reid talks about healing, making amends and being able to release past pain. When you’ve been hurt, you need time to review and release and Rediscover your center. Whatever the case might be. Whether it was a breakup or betrayal. A loss […]


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