Celebrating The SpaceX – NASA Launch! Falcon 9- Bob & Doug McKenzie Called It Years Ago! Take Off – Eh!

You may not know of them, but you should. Who knew that years ago they would predict such a groundbreaking event when they said “Take Off – Eh!”

Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley or Bob & Doug will be the first time in history that a commercial aerospace company has carried humans into Earth’s orbit, that company of course being SpaceX.

People have been waiting over a decade for this to happen.

However if you are Canadian and old enough to remember, once upon a time there were these guys.

Bob and Doug McKenzie, who were a pair of fictional Canadian brothers who hosted “Great White North”, a sketch which was introduced on SCTV for the show’s third season in 1980. Bob was played by Rick Moranis and Doug was played by Dave Thomas.

The two brainless beer drinking brothers wearing tuques (winter hats), would comment on various elements of Canadian life while frequently employing the all well known interjection “Eh!” while calling each other “hosers”.

So as we watched Doug and Bob (the actual astronauts) get ready to take off!! We could not help but smile upon hearing the old familiar names and then think! Hey! Take Off Eh! Best of Luck Boys!

SpaceX YouTube Channel Here! If you want to watch the launch!

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