How Is Meditation/Relaxation Good For Your Health?

The popularity of meditation/relaxation methods are at an all time high these days. You hear these terms being dropped from every guru walking the planet promoting a healthy way of life.


Meditation/Relaxation helps with concentration and focusing of your thoughts, which in turn helps decrease anxiety and stress.

For as long as I can remember, people around me would repeat that stress is a killer more than anything else out there.

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The reason for this is that it stimulates the sensation not unlike the one we get when we are in danger, which for a certain amount of time is alright and is beneficial to survival.

However, in the uptight fast track world we are currently living in, having this emotional response to danger simulated day in and out that leaves us in a constant state of stress can become a real problem.

Producing these hormones at these daily rates can cause harm to our hearts, our mental health, and our ability to deal calmly with problems that don’t require this fight or flight reaction.

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Meditation/Relaxation is an an excellent starting point when trying to stay away from the all too medicated world we live in while reconnecting with the part of our brain that helps flood in with the good stuff that rejuvenates us.

It resets us to think more rationally and with more ease. It calms and heals and lets our cells do what they have always been meant to do and bring us back to a better state of mind.


When practiced weekly or daily, it has the ability to lower blood pressure, control anxiety, help with physical and emotional well being as well as making us more self aware.

We have been taught to run and rush especially in my generation and never take time to decompress.

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Relaxation/Meditation should be taught to be a critical part of everyone’s daily life and necessary habits such as eating and sleeping.

Even a simple 15 minute relaxation session can reset your tempo, make you more relaxed, happier and in better health all around.


Practicing it daily can help with critical thinking, goal setting and an overall sense of well being.

Now just like me you may have tried to meditate and then forgotten about it and ran out of time or just gotten busy with other things.

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The wonderful thing about technology is that smart phones can now remind you to take the time out and just sit and relax and meditate.

I challenge you to start putting your mental health first and to schedule a time every day to relax and/or meditate.

Afraid that you don’t know how? Well it’s simple, you really do. Just remember a time when you sat and focused on a single thing.


Meditating/Relaxation can be a simple as focusing on a single thing or even listening to soothing music. That in combination with breathing deeply and purposefully can slow you down to let all that good stuff in.

Below is a short 17 minute video with soothing sounds and visuals that you can use to begin your journey.

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