5 Ways To Watch TV/Series/News Online For Free – Canadian Edition 2020

Still feeling the money hangover from Christmas? Looking to save a few dollars this year?

With this brand new age of technology there are ways to get around to getting some free tv to watch and the best news is it’s all legal.


Now while there are still so many more choices for The United States, there is still stuff you can access in Canada that can keep you busy a few hours every night after work and before bed.

Here is a list of 5 Apps (on Roku and one on your phone) where you can watch free tv:

YouTube (Online, Android, Roku) – You know that this one had to make the list. It is free to watch and they even offer a free selection of Movies now under it’s own heading – Free Movies. It’s informative as in showing you a multitude of how-tos (as in my channel How2 4Every1 that is part of that group). You can also find your niche i.e. tiny house builds, top 10’s and YouTube will keep recommending your favorites since it learns by what you are watching, so you can saturate and binge on that particular topic. If channels are monetized, you will see ads appear but far less than with TV and you can skip a lot of them after 5 seconds. You can save a video to watch later with a subscription. You can also comment and like videos which helps creators build content people will watch.

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Tubi TV – (available online, android, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku devices, Playstation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, etc)

Increasingly popular streaming app that gives you content that may not be found on Netflix. Their range of older popular shows is fun to find and their categories are separated in a very user friendly way. They even have a Tubi kids category that makes it easy to for children to find what they want. They do have ads that cannot be skipped in the middle but they are still much shorter than the average tv ad. New Tv shows and movies added every Friday, and they show you what’s new and what’s featured and what’s leaving. They have a wide selection of Korean and Spanish movies as well, all for free. You can build your own queue much as you would with Netflix.

Global TV – (availabe on android, online, roku, chromecast)

If you have cut the cord and are missing seeing your shows Global offers full episodes of their shows for free for the first 7 days after they air on TV. To get more you need a subscription through a tv service provider (which we want to get away from). Previews and extras are always available to watch for free. Categories available to watch within 7 days are News, Daytime TV (soaps, talk shows), Late Night Talk Shows and they even show YouTube’s highly popular “HotOnes” (on this date February 3 2020) without any restrictions. You may not be able to stream it live, but the option to watch in 7 days is always nice for a busy individual who does not want to fall behind on their favorite shows. There are ads but again they are fewer than with actual traditional cable.

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Roku TV – (available on android, online, roku box & devices)

Needless to say the Roku Channel goes hand in hand with the Roku Box & devices. They offer some live tv created from popular tv shows i.e. The AFV channel, The Unsolved Mysteries channel. There is a limited amount of movies. They do offer British TV & A Royal & Brit section that is quite interesting. They seem to have many different sections, such as faith & spirituality, foreigh language films, music movies and docs, travel and nature, martial arts and reality tv to name a few. There are ads that run inside the shows and movies, usually 1 to 3 depending and again it is shorter than what you would find on actual tv.

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CTV News – (available on android, online and can be streamed)

This App delivers breaking, live, local, national, international, and weather updates. You can tailor it from the beginning as it asks you to choose what topics you would like to know about. Ads do run as with all these Apps but again it’s really short compared to regular tv ads. While it does not stream tv shows and movies, it will keep you up to date on current events.

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Here is a video for the U.S. channels (which is always so much more 😦 ). Keep in mind that this as current as 2019, if you check her out let her know that I sent you:

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