Hidden Benefits of Amazon Prime (Value For Your Money)

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By now everyone has heard of Amazon Prime, such as 2 day free delivery for all prime approved products and also their prime prime TV which offers a variety of shows, some called Amazon Originals that you cannot see anywhere else.

If you like online shopping (and I do) on amazon and TV watching, for the yearly price of about $80 (Canadian plan that I have, some are nearer to $120 yearly), you can get your money’s worth.

Just check out how much you pay for shipping and handling next time you purchase something on Amazon (especially something heavy) and see just how fast you recuperate your membership money! It won’t take long!

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But are you aware of the many more benefits there are to be had when it comes to this prime membership?

Here are 5 more perks or hidden benefits you might not be utilizing being a prime member:

  1. Membership Sharing: You can share your membership with another adult in your household and up to four teens from 13-17 years (sharing is caring)
  2. Free PC Games & Extras: You can link your Twitch and Prime accounts and get free games and some in-game freebies too.
  3. Free Audibles: There are not many and they can be hard to find but if you go into Audiobook Collections on the App, you can find free Audibles to listen to, however, downloading them cost more.
  4. Amazon Prime Reading: You can get free e-books and magazines on prime reading. You can borrow up to 10 titles, not always real current, but the magazines are fairly decent and you can get a fair selection like Entertainment Weekly, Men’s Health etc.
  5. Amazon Prime Music (not to be confused with Amazon Music Unlimited which cost more): Lets you access over 2 million tracks and can be downloaded on your phone for offline listening.

There is more to it and this video by NextTimeTech shows you extra perks more than what I recommended in this blog.

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