5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Smell Of “Garlic Hands”& Stainless Steel Soap?

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If you are a garlic lover such as I am, not using garlic regardless of the smell it leaves behind on your hands is something that is just not an option.

But if you have had the misfortune of not knowing how to get the smell gone, this can be an offensive smell to walk around with that can even be transferred to other places and objects for lasting effects.

I remember once my husband going from the house to the car and having the smell of garlic on my steering wheel for weeks, maybe months. Every time I would go out, I could smell the garlic.


Here are 5 ways that I know of to get rid of that offensive smell created from such a delicious tasting food!!

Vinegar –

Vinegar is acetic (the acid that gives vinegar it’s taste) acid that neutralizes alkaline odors. This is why it’s used to deodorize and get rid of so many offensive smells. The smell of vinegar dissipates which makes it a perfect cleanser.

To get rid of the garlic smell off your hands either rub your hands with vinegar or put vinegar on a rag or towels and rub it in to get rid of the smell of garlic.

Baking Soda & Salt –

Blended together and made into a paste. Rubbing your hands with this is said to take away the smell of garlic. To try, use 2 parts baking soda to 1 part salt. (I think baking soda is probably the cure to almost everything…along with vinegar. Don’t you think?)


The minty tooth decay preventing component is said to be able to dissipate the smell of garlic. That makes sense, if it can help with your breath, why wouldn’t it be good on your skin. Just apply and rub in like soap!! Ta-da!! Minty fresh!



You know these had to make the list. Wherever there is vinegar or baking soda, lemon is never far behind. The only time I would not recommend it is if you have any cuts. OUCH!!

Stainless Steel-

This one I know works because it is the one I use every time. Rubbing your fingers and hands on stainless steel gets rid of the smell. It’s like magic really. The one thing I did not know was that they now sell stainless steel bars of soap to do this job. I had to go see to believe it. I have to say, I found these too cute and although not needed, I might just have to get one.

Clicking on the pic below takes you to Amazon to see that these really exist!!

Here the video on my Channel How2 4Every1 where I give my top five (just with pretty pictures) 🙂

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