Vision Boards – Are They Effective?

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New Year! New time for goals, dreams or whatever your little heart might desire. Or so that is what we seem to think.

For myself, I have had a few good years, but that has more to do with how I take life now than how lucky I am.

What I mean is, I still have trying days. Such as this week when the strains of a cold does not seem to want to let me be, however, I can take time off without stress, because I have set myself up that way. I can rest and take half days to take care of myself, easing the stress of needing to live paycheck to paycheck, because I simply don’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore.


Thing is, accomplished goals of years past has led me to a much more laid back person. And laid back has offered me a peace of mind that I can now afford myself, because even if I missed work and then got fired for it, I am much better financially now then I have ever been and am fairly certain I could recuperate.

Which leads me to the title and question of this blog. Are Vision Boards Effective? YouTube Goals Video? New Years Resolutions?

Absolutely, I believe if you are really honest with what you want in the next year. If you visualize by list, blog, video or vision board that can keep your focus on the goals you want to accomplish, you are more likely to have those things come to pass.

Vision Boards are lots of fun because you can create something that has all your favorite things and also pictures or art work that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Quotes and pictures that you can look at and dream of and keep at the forefront of your thoughts every day, giving you the motivation and drive to start accomplishing what you want.


Here is a list of 5 simple things you can do to create your own vision board:

  1. Create a list of things or events you want to happen or achieve in the coming days/months/year. If you are honest with yourself, you are more likely to have success. Even if it’s something no one else might want.
  2. Find pictures, magazines, print-outs, quotes, words or phrases that best describe what you want to manifest and gather them ready to be displayed. Make sure they represent you and what you want. This is something “YOU” will be looking at all the time. Make it Fun.
  3. Find a board big enough to display what you have found. A cardboard from the Dollar Tree usually does me fine, but I have done them on an cut up piece of cardboard box I had laying around when I didn’t have anything else.
  4. Place your pictures etc… on the board you have chosen without gluing or sticking them down until you have them in an order or collage that best suits your artistic style. Once it’s good, then glue them down into their permanent spots.
  5. Once you are done, make sure to hang your Vision Board somewhere you will see it every day. Make sure to look at it often and study it with intent. This is what you will be manifesting in the upcoming days.

Below is a vision board kit and clip art available for purchase on amazon, simply CLICK HERE or on the pictures to purchase.


If you are more of a video kind of person. Here are a few I have found lately that may help you create what you are shooting for.

Here is one from Lilly Singh. How to PROPERLY Make a Vision Board (I’ve had 3 Come True!)


How to Create a Vision Board | Jack Canfield

Whatever you may do to create your visualization, remember that keeping your goals close to the surface of your thoughts go a very long way into making them a reality.

And remember to give thanks to yourself and the universe once they all come true and live in gratitude. This ensures that anything else you might ask for will be standing by for you in the future.

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