I’m Back!

It sure feels like I have been gone for a million years. Truth is… I have been busy with the YouTube thing. Yeah you know my little channel called “A Decade To Freedom” and work and such.

But of late I have been hankering to come back to writing. Truth is I miss it. Putting thoughts to paper or website as such is the case.

Is it just me or has the world felt like it’s been toppled over on its head recently? Like a bad movie has started and you are just unsure of where it will end.

I find myself holing up in my house trying to lay low as I watch the re-boot of Roseanne and remember what the world felt like back when the original show started.

Everything feels sci-fi, including real people these days. It probably started a ways back but has just been getting progressively worse over time.

There is too much to talk about when it comes to all these things and everyone gets offended so easily these days and have their own opinions which is law according to each individual.

Simply I just want to broach the fact that it’s pretty weird and nasty out there. Or is it?

I remember a few years ago when I got away from the news and tv (when I literally cut off cable tv). But now it seems it is social media causing all the mayhem.

So I have a suggestion for all of you feeling the badness of social media. Get rid of it or restrict it somehow.

In some ways I have realized that it is worse than the news for the simple fact that social media brands some pieces as news when in fact they are sales pitches or advertisements for un-reputable sites. There are no regulations when it comes to these things and it’s become a free for all with the victims being the gullible population.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling anyone names. I have been part of that gullibility a few times myself.

If the Facebook fiasco has shown us anything is that we should question every single thing that is presented to us. Whether it is shared, sent or presented. Better yet, why not click off of it or shut it off. The fake death hoaxes, fake news, fake political crap, fake universe crap etc…

Just get off of it and instead search the internet for things to enlighten you or things that will actually add value to your everyday life. Things that can be done or proven are good places to start.

Watch an independent movie, read a book from a new and upcoming author or an old and dead one.

Read this blog, watch videos that show you something new.

If a site such as Facebook or any site shows you too many doom and gloom, go find one that will inspire you. Be inspired by someone else.

We need to get back to core values. We need to remember and show a clear signal that people need to behave or they don’t get anything from us least of all our attention. Clear consequences to actions have shown every generation boundaries on how to behave with one another, maybe we should not be so in a hurry to throw them all out.

Tell me what you think? Do you think life has gotten a bit out to lunch lately?

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