Not Making The Cut…

Good morning my friends.

I come to ask a favor of you. Early this morning YouTube announced that they would demonetizing any channel that does not have 1000 subs or 4000 views yearly…now I have over 4000 views however I am only at 833 subscribers. I still need 167 subs to make it that they don’t take the very little bit of ad cash I make in my channel. I made less than $100 in the last two years…but I was growing) I have until Feb 20th (one day before my birthday) to get to 1000 so they don’t take away what I have worked so hard for in the last two years. 

If you want to support me, the only thing you need is an email address to be able to subscribe to my channel “A Decade To Freedom” and then subscribe to get me to that 1000 sub mark. There is nothing to buy and although it would be great if you could watch…at this point I just want to keep what I’ve worked so hard for.

Thanks for taking the time for reading this and  you have my gratitude if you do decide to help us.
Link to my channel in the comments…(if you can’t participate…it would be appreciated if you could share this post)

A Decade To Freedom

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