November Is The Loneliest Month!

I have to admit it…I anticipate November every month with a bit of a dread. It’s such a sad month.

It gets dark earlier, usually because of a time change early in the month. The leaves disappear from the trees and the rains start and the weather gets colder. All of it makes me feel like finding a warm blanket and not putting my nose out until the first snowfall and Christmas decoration.

Along with the fact that this month means a stall in life until spring, it also represents some pretty hefty bills when it comes to this family. We end up having to buy or change tires, oil changes, windshield washer and wiper upgrades etc… not to mention the winterizing of the home and such.

We also buy out heating wood usually in the months ahead to get us through the weather.

I’m hoping because of our money situation as in us being finally debt free (exception of the mortgage) we can get the wood and more of it earlier in the upcoming year so November next year is not such an expenditure heavy month ever again.

To add to all of it this year, we actually had to have our passport renewed because they expired. And while the idea of getting them for 10 years instead of 5 is an awesome one. The price is also double for double the time.

I’m hoping that I can actually get a break in December! And finally see a bank account grow and know what that feels like for a difference. HA! I guess that will have to be continued. While we wait for that, here is another video explaining why I Don’t Like November.

Is there a month that makes you feel poor? Let me know in the comments!

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