Life Is Beautiful! If You Let It

I feel as if we have been on the receiving end of crap lately. People are going out of their way to be quite ignorant in their way of handling things.

Now I understand that in my general area, people are upset by the fact that the beautiful summer months started in rains and floods and just continued raining with so-so weather. The lack of Vitamin D and the bright glow of sunshine may have something to do with it.

However, I have noticed more aggressive behavior by people needing to be jerks without really having the full story or the truth. I have noticed more people being ignorant in what they share online without really finding out the reality or even knowing if what they are sharing is actually real at all.

It always gets me how we always need to find conflict in everything, like it is our life’s ambition to do so. There is no problem, so let’s create some.

The truth of the matter is; life is beautiful if you let it. If you simply turn off the crap and avoid ignorant people as much as possible, you can get through most of your day without feeling annoyed, confronted or even angry. For some of us this is a problem when we can’t stay away from such people.

The problem lies having to go out into society and interacting with people who cut you off knowingly uncaring as long as it serves their purpose. My husband calls it the land of people who think the world owes them something. And I have to agree sometimes, when someone cuts the line ignoring the fact that they just did it as if you are non-existent.  I have to admit the mother in me would like to find their parents and tell them what an awful job they did at teaching their kids common courtesy, however, I have seen people my age and older act the same.

The people who glare at you as you smile back. The people who accuse of wrong doing without checking their part or role in it to begin with. Everyone is right while everyone is wrong. If something does not suit you, simply discard it and the entire world is all subject to being victims somehow. We have delete and block buttons because people somehow do not know how to express themselves with politeness and simplicity instead of the verbal diarrhea of whatever comes out of their brains without thinking.

No one wants to lift a hand to work or even have pride in the work they do. Frankly, sometimes it feels real easy in my own work to be super-efficient when others try so little. I don’t feel the bar is raised awfully high for achievement.

I wish people would somehow work to better themselves.

To set goals when no one else does. 

To be nice to each other even when you don’t especially feel like it.

To have something to say other than when it’s something negative.

To smile at people who smile at you.

To really think before sharing false stuff, or accusing people of bad behavior. 

To work things through or at least try when times get hard, and to stop acting the victims especially when they are the cause of it to begin with.

Life gets hard sometimes. It’s not all a soap opera and you need to suck it up and move forward without making it into a drama over a broken nail every single time.

To have pride in your work and try to do a good job.

However, having my YouTube channel, I’ve realized that misery sells a lot better than happiness and making the best of it.

Because instead of striving to make things better, you can feel better about yourself because someone has it harder, and that stuff sells!

I know my rant here does not match my title very much thus far, but I guess I’ve been mulling these thoughts over in the past week an awful lot and have come to these few conclusions.

I always want to work at my best and be proud of my work, regardless of whether it’s my dream job or not.

I will try to smile when I don’t feel like it (still working on this one sometimes).

I will try to see the other side of the story instead of jumping the gun.

I will not share propaganda.

I will continue posting the very best side of our lives on YouTube cause frankly when I think of any generation of mine watching these, I would be mortified to see them watching me whine about my life when we have every opportunity to live a good one.

So leave me a smile, a happy thought, something that made you happy recently and be part of the movement of caring sharing people we can all be.





  1. I understand how you feel. I am trying to own my mistakes and forgive others. If I offend someone, I want to be mature enough to say I am sorry and ask for their forgiveness. Stay positive and keep smiling.

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