Why Are There People Trying To Make Us So Mad?

Ever have one of those days where it seems the world is out to get you?

I absolutely have those days! What keeps me sane? Knowing that every day spells a day less that I need to work, but that is another topic altogether.

We had to deal with a dealership for a warranty job on my Jeep this week. They told us they would fix it on Wednesday.

We made arrangements to drive it in the Tuesday night.

I got someone to give me a ride to work Wednesday putting them out of their way to help me.

Wednesday at 3 p.m. they called my husband to let him know that there is something that needed to be fixed that is not on the warranty (meaning it is about to start costing us money).

He being upset goes to see what they are talking about. He agrees with their assessment about a faulty control arm and negotiates the part price without labor ($250).

However, they waited until 3:30 p.m. to contact him. So now we have to make arrangements for a car for the next day because they waited so long to start it.

My husband insists they pay for a rental and they do for one day.

We are now Thursday at 3:30 p.m. my husband is once again at this dealership to bring back the rental and guess what? The truck is still not fixed.

So he sits there for about 3 hours, having been told by the service manager that it would be ½ hour at least twice before disappearing never to be found again. 

They break a bolt and strip 3 wheel nuts to which my husband tired and fed up tells them to fix (as if we wouldn’t, they now have us between a rock and hard place right) at the tune of $140.

The bill has now grown to $400.

A free job became anything but and we were without that vehicle for more than 2 days. The only good part is that the first job, my husband made sure they did not charge labour on it (can you imagine the bill if he had not?) and they paid for the car rental (which happened to be a brand new Nissan, nice!).

The problem here is that dealerships have a reputation to not be trusted, and scenarios such as ours are only one of the reasons why.

When you produce a product and there is an extended warranty because the product is faulty. The last thing a company should be doing is annoying the customer further.

However we now live in this world that shows you just how much they do not care about you as the consumer. It’s all about making a buck and being greedy without even an apology at the neglect they constantly make you suffer through.

It brings me much sadness when people are not here to be the best and nicest people they can be, instead they work and become people who end up feeling pressured to separate you from your money to ensure their jobs or to support companies that try to take advantage of consumers.

And between us, isn’t there enough nasty people in the world to last us two lifetimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of finding ways to be a nuisance to each other, we could work to help one another and be an example of what a great human being can be?

Just a thought…

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