​No Phone Means Less Problems

So day 7 without a phone….I think? I’ve lost count.

What are my thoughts? Glad I don’t have one? Sad that any day now I will have that all familiar rectangular machine attached to my hand again?

Yes that would be accurate. I find it only mildly restrictive not having that technology. Someone has a question; they must wait for an answer. Not happy with the wait. Oh well.

I have realized that we move way too fast as a society. We want everything now. I had changed my need for shopping and buying right now to getting other things done right now.

The idea is not to be busy 100% of the time. The idea is to be able to digest some of what we are doing too. We need to stop every once in a while and figure it out. This is how we end up with a millions purchases we never use (even some of us put them away with tags…what a waste).

I tend to be part of the manufacture of life. Go. Go. Go. It’s been years of employers looking for mass production of any kind. More sales. More product. Faster lines. Can we get more work from you? If so can we get even more than that?

We have spent lifetimes now being told that we can do more, being constantly overbooked. Forgetting to eat, and now in between we need to find something to do right away in fear of boredom. Facebook. Phones. Shopping. Mindless eating etc…

Leading to a life of shoving food we don’t look at into our mouths and suffering from high blood pressure from bad choices and constantly having to be “ON!”

Only shutting down at night in front of a TV because we desperately need to concentrate on anything else but our own stuff.

Having lost my ability to check stats and Facebook and everything really, I actually have periods of time where my mind can take a break and what a great big ray of light that has been. I have replaced this with reading a bit from an actual book. Having minutes of time to just sit and figure out my next moves without the rush of feeling myself needing to keep busy every single moment of every single day.

I’ve actually taken moments to stare off into the distance or looking at cloud formation going by. It’s been heavenly!

I have gone to bed at night thinking how comfortable my bed was or how fluffy my blanket felt (it’s been cold and rainy around here) and not what I read last on my phone.

I have stopped caring what people think of my stuff on YT or how they could judge me or if I fit into the type of video’s everyone is making and the types of videos I do and now just do what I love with the happiness that I am making something that is entertaining and sometimes helpful. I let them be them and I let me be me. My successes are mine and I have zero doubts of what I can do.

I am different and I suspect I will always be. I believe that at one point, that will be a great asset to me and help me accomplish what I need to and I have no doubts about that.

I strive to outdo myself and improve myself. I just have to remember to leave out everyone’s expectations of me and my own sometimes and just relax and enjoy the ride.




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