Never Doubt Yourself…How To Deal With Nasty People.

Yesterday, I was once again faced with someone’s opinion of my hard work. I had not asked for their opinion, just simply put a comment of my frustration of being part of a system that uses algorithms to make decisions on whether my hours of work should be promoted or not.

Their flippant remarks concerning my hard work was but a moment of their time but when most people get their creations or attempts mocked or criticized so harshly by strangers who hardly know or understand just how much time and thought some of us put in our productions or conceptions. It’s enough to make you see red.


I simply make them disappear now from my life by deleting them or blocking them, no problem there, but having pondered on this topic after it happened, I realized that mean spirited criticism in my past had made me simply give up on my projects and some cases in myself.

I used to feel so shattered when someone would feel the need to give me their opinions (usually uncouth nasty ones) about what they thought of me or my plans, dreams and hopes.

One single person could make me so uncomfortable with their criticism that I simply gave up right away in fear that others would follow suit and I would have to admit to myself and others what a total failure I was…that I was not talented or worthy of having any talent or passion whatsoever.

I could not help but wonder how many others have suffered in their past such as I have from these pieces of nastiness, these trolls who have nothing to do but be the complete idiots they are on this planet.

I simply have this to say to the dreamers and creators of this world. You may not always get it right and you will most certainly be your own worst critic or judge of your work. And that is alright, because it’s what makes you strive to be better and better.

When you create something as you will do from time to time and feel the passion and contentment of knowing you love what you do or what you have created, hold on to that feeling.

Do not let an idiot’s comment on social media hiding behind a picture that is not even their own face, usually a lifeless picture or even a blank one, question your love for what you create or the hours of hard work you put into it.

Do not let so called friends who obviously are jealous of your path pass general judgement or a moment’s criticism on months even maybe years of your hard work without a fight.

Surround yourself with love. Surround yourself with support. I’m not saying to ignore advice, but people who care will know how to offer it, instead of stomping all over your dreams and love of your personal work.

I know it may be hard to hear these words and believe them, but I wish I could have been reading someones words telling me this when I was younger and struggling.

Just as people have a right to give you their opinion, you have to a right to disagree with their assessment of your work and even ignore it to protect yourself from the doubt they are trying to instill in you.

It is an opinion, not the law of success. The most successful human beings in this world have had harsh critics predicting just the opposite. They are just another human being with their own flaws and imperfections.

Respect needs to be earned in my book for me to take anyone’s opinion as something important enough to change my path now. People who do the same kind of work as I do and struggle every day with their own creations are some of which I would consider taking advice from.

You have to remember, people are slow to praise and quick to judge.

It’s unfortunate, but the truth. You will have the nice people of the world who will be nice and recognize what you have done and you know these people right away.

These are the people you need to pay close attention to and acknowledge. When these people suggest something, you should be kind because they have your best interest at heart and are your greatest fans.

The rest (as far as I’m concerned) you need to make disappear from your pages and most importantly from your heart and mind. DO NOT let them rent space in your head for free. NOT WORTH IT.

I hope I can save some of the grief that I used to suffer from such attacks.

Remember to believe in your dreams, go after them and let no one but you give up on them and only when you are sure that is what YOU want. No One Else.


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