​Finding Your Guru Within Yourself!

I like anyone else in this world have looked up to certain people who suddenly would make a lot of sense to me. I would get a bit star struck if you could call it that where I took all they said as gospel.

As I got older and started to question everything, I realized that these people were human beings.

Human beings I admired, but people who were just people at the core as we all are.

When you start making them into more than that, you risk putting a status on them that they may not be able to live up to.

This is why there is such a head shake when you find your guru has not lived up to your standards. When something is reported and you find out they are just infallible humans after all. They may have certain things that they do really well, but there might be other things they really suck at. Things that you may even excel in and give them a run for their money.

It’s hard especially when you believe someone is wise. Sometimes these people who can only be who they are (which is usually strong of character) and believe in their way with such heartfelt conviction, that they don’t see every situation as an independent one. They want to implement their ways on everyone the same way. Unfortunately, we are not all the same person with the same glitches.

Their fix, as with all things are not always a perfect fit for everyone. And I get scared when people of lesser convictions can then be bullied or manipulated into making decisions that are not always their own.

Really all I am saying at this point is. You can admire someone. You can want to implement their ways, but it’s not necessary to do every single thing they say, or escalate their status as “the absolute end all and be all”. You can disagree with some of what they say and make up your own mind.

I consider myself a thief. I don’t really subscribe to just one way of doing things. But I will listen to everyone and take what I like and do that. 

Just because you admire someone does not mean you need to agree with every single thing they say or do or how they do it. Their words are their wisdom they share with you to take from, not gospel or commandments you need to follow.

I would suggest rather that when you have found all the bits and pieces you love and applied them to your life, consider yourself the ultimate guru of your own life, since you have been tailoring it to be perfect for you!!




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