Sometimes I Feel So Broke!

Today is payday, but the money is all accounted for and I am once again left with nothing. It’s nothing new. In the last 2 years, it’s been this way. But today for some reason although we are still on our way to debt payoff, I suddenly feel very broke.

As I mentioned before, once you realize that the credit you have been using is not an extension of your paycheck and this money needs to be re-payed and if you intend to repay without reusing, then it becomes crystal clear that you just took 90% of your hard earned money and poof, now you are broke.

There is no memory of the purchases that were made that I am still paying for. Could it be the shelf upstairs I bought 3 years ago? Could it be some forgotten Walmart purchase of the thousands of purchases I made over the course of the last 20 years? Not really sure. The one thing I’m sure of is that I keep paying an empty hand that offers nothing in return right now.

It literally feels like I am dumping money in a trash compactor and watching it disappear to never be seen again. The awful empty feeling and empty wallet it leaves is enough to want to go back to how I used to think that these cards were an extension of my salary so I don’t feel like I am so broke. I am lying of course because I am now anxious to see some savings grow. ANY SAVINGS.

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Nine more weeks of giving it all I have, with nothing to show but beautiful zeros at the end. Never thought I would think zeros were a nice thing, but they are really.

And if I could have figured out how to keep my zeros going into the pluses instead of the minuses, I could have saved my self this hollow feeling of pedalling without really getting anywhere.

I’m hoping that through our experiences we can share with others that they are not alone feeling this way. And there is a way out and others willing to support you if you really want to be helped.

Having said that, I hope that others who may not have started yet can take away from our videos and my words just how important it is to learn these things as early as you can.

Today on “A Decade to Freedom” we will be doing a Grocery Haul at The Dollar Tree, what is different about ours is that there will be a follow up video about the meals made were in fact edible.

I’ll give you a spoiler alert; it’s been not too bad so far. So kick back and enjoy. See how we cut our grocery budget in half to prove we could do it if you were suddenly left without options but to do this.

Living on Less


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