My Drive To Be These Days!

I know… I’m sorry…First of all. It’s been awhile since I have blogged.

I’ve just been very busy lately and focused on two separate things. One being my debt repayment.

As of Thursday of this week, we owe $7850 in revolving debt. A far cry of where we started near the $50000 mark.  Yes you read right, fifty big ones.

In May it will be 2 years that I started really committing to it and to tell you the truth, it’s been quite the trek, but again, It was needed. Nevertheless, I will be very happy to see this journey disappear!

It was a lesson that was so hard to learn!

But needed to learnt  just like the wonderful food that you prepare for an hour that takes 5 minutes to consume.

In the case of the debt, it takes 5 minutes to cause it but years of repaying it.

I am seriously hoping that the discomfort it has represented in the last 2 years of me shovelling all our hard earned money into a black hole where I use to think this borrowed money belonged to me will quite honestly make me question every purchase I make from here to eternity.

But we are fickle creatures (human beings) and forget easily. Still I hope that this lesson is one that is ingrained in me for life.

Since my YouTube channel is closely related to our goals, hence the “A Decade To Freedom” title. It is my way of being accountable to continue on my journey, and also my second point of focus.

We hit 200 subscribers this week and I’m thrilled about it. It will in time represent passive income as well and that is nice too. Any little bit helps at this point. Anything that might relieve us of working until we die is also a nice thought.

That and having a full time job is enough to say that I am always doing something these days. But just like anything else sometimes other things get ignored, such as clearing out my mess of a home and my blog.

I’m hoping to find more of a balance in June when we finally can say we are at 0.

I just wanted to say that I still love my blog page. I hope you are all well and I will try to contribute my thoughts more often here.

As I write this, I just realized just how much I miss this so very much. Spring is finally in the air with April just around the corner. Here’s hoping that you all get spring fever real soon!!

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