The Biggest Gift I Could Get After Becoming Debt Free – Is Not Wanting A Thing!

I watch YouTube. They are my community. I make YouTube videos weekly and try to watch similar or like-minded creators.

I saw a video this week called 10 things I will buy or do when I am out of debt. I started watching it and saw the person talk about trips and new furniture and then a car etc…1024px-compulsive_hoarding_apartment

And as I listened I started asking myself the same question. Since I have started this journey, I found that I am really starting to abhor having to spend any of my hard earned money without really justifying it. I work so hard for it and when you think that $20 dollars is an hour of my time, it really starts putting things in perspective.

Although my husband and I are really looking forward to some kind of European trip as a reward later on next year for getting out of debt (we will be doing one or two of those before we retire completely since we hear they are expensive and we plan to be real frugal once out of the rat race), we don’t plan to do any real expensive things as per say.

The things I would like to do are now in line with doing it on the cheap. Even my house stuff I want to do I am looking into a more cost effective way (still done correctly and esthetically beautiful) of doing things. Why rip everything apart when you can just fix and embellish what is there?

Or the changes we are planning to make are in line to becoming a more cost effective household (like changing the fridge to a Sundanzer that can be solar and with much better energy consumption) is considered an investment in our future so we have to spend less ensuring we can survive on very little when we do decide to cut the cord with the working world. Also be able to afford living at home as retirees with low income.

Other than buying or fixing a new used car for my younger son so he can have mobility and start his life as he sees fit (a late graduation gift from us), I am not in a hurry to find things to spend on when we become debt free. I can actually count how many times in the last few months where I could have spent money on things and suddenly decided against it.

It’s funny how we used to create urgent situations to have to spend money, that we can now find temporary solutions or permanent solutions (not quite what we had in mind, but works just the same kinda solutions) to make sure we keep in line with getting out of debt.

So the biggest gift to me would be that living and having really put a value to our money since all of it is going out to pay off debt accumulated over the years and realizing just how long and painful that is has made me seriously curb my spending habits when it comes to accumulating crap that I just don’t need.

I never thought I could learn this. But I have and I’m grateful for it. My new eyes have been a blessing that I can enter most stores and leave without feeling like I will be missing anything in them. Sometimes, I have to say, on those rare occasions I do buy some time; I now question if that was the best idea and find that maybe I could have really done without.

The fact that our debt load is witling away to nothing makes me realize that I would rather take my money and watch it grow and passively increase in the future instead of ever starting the pattern of purchase and paying interest on top of it again. I consider the gift, a change of lifestyle that can affect the way I deal with money in all things future, the best thing I can look forward to when I am finally debt free.

With lent starting and being of the non-religious type I have come up with a better idea of what to do with those 40-45 days.  It will be coming up in my next YouTube video so make sure to watch it!

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