Profoundly Not Profound

Recently I have noticed that a vast amount of people need to find meaning in anything and everything they do, see or feel. From the feeling they got this morning to the red car that looked familiar etc…

Some talk about God being the reason for everything and others spirit compelled them. To tell the truth I have never been a fan of anything that requires me to follow set rules of any sort or a set of beliefs of any kind or one being or entity of any kind. And I’d rather not interpret anything to suit my needs anymore like so many do causing havoc and wars.

As I move forward in this world, I feel I am less looking outside myself for answers as in energies or outside sources and more going within to figure it out.

And when I say this I mean inside myself. No one else involved. I listen to what is said when I am at my quietest. Example: When I suddenly arrive at a destination, but instead of rushing out of my vehicle, I sit and listen or watch a crow jumping up and down squawking as my mind goes blank.

I stop looking to the next place I am supposed to be and just stay for a moment. I picture myself less as the outsider but as part of the whole. This messy crazy beautiful planet we live on.

I have stopped asking why or asking for divine intervention or saying it must be someone’s will.

Maybe it just is.

Maybe this minute is here and you are here in it.

Maybe if I pick up a piece of plastic trash that could get caught in an unsuspecting animal neck that I won’t get an academy award for it, but will have quietly helped my surroundings without any fanfare, without need of it and that I am trying to help the same atoms that surround me that are part of me too.

We hold on so tight and so hard to everything, routines and beliefs that I think we forget to just be sometimes.

Remember that time when you were little, sitting somewhere with nothing to do but to observe the world around you.

Do that for a minute and be amazed at the age of that tree that you ignore every day. At the birds that fly by you. Do you know how long they live? Can you hear how happy they are when the weather warms up! Do you look at the mud on your boots and enjoy the fact that you can see the ground again and not the snow? Or are you just annoyed at the mess. There is no right or wrong answer. Just what is at that moment. Maybe it’s very important not to dismiss that minute you are observing your surroundings. This is your planet. We are of it, we come of it.

Can you take a minute and stop trying to fix what you think is wrong in the world and observe what was before you and will probably be long after you are gone?

Sometimes we have to stop trying to find such a profound answer to everything and simply enjoy the moment. To be profoundly not profound. So turn it off for a moment. Let your mind be blissfully empty to observe all its missing while you try to fix and explain life.

You might be surprised by what you see and hear…and what you take away from the experience later.

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