Big Blue Ball!

It seems this big blue planet we live on is having to deal with some pretty intense occupants at the moment. One half trying to save it for next generations while the other half denies any problems.

If you look quietly around you, you will see the planet going about its business as usual. It takes our abuse and adjusts accordingly or at least that is what we keep telling ourselves. Some of us say that nothing we do has circumstances and that the planet is doing it to itself regardless, although it has proven to be the truth that there are circumstances for everything else we do.

The planet does not care whether we deny or believe the damage we do to it; it will not correct our thinking.

Winter comes and it carries on the best it can (in my area).

Many more species die than new ones come.

It has no moral issues; it just does what it does.

As I look at the mild winter’s day (a lot milder than when I was a kid). I notice the grey skies of winter. I depress over winter as my part of the world simply goes through the season as it has done for thousands of years before I ever sat here and sighed at my predicament with the weather.

It does not hate. It does not care. If it has to deal with our abuse, it will simply eventually stop giving what we keep taking, and then it will keep spinning, devoid, a simple rock, finally getting the peace and quiet it started out with before we came to make so much noise and mess of everything.

It may even begin healing itself, without smoke to pollute its skies, or pipelines emptying its soil. Without big ugly buildings hiding the beauty of the skies and where wide open spaces let the planet breathe instead of having to deal with a gaggle of population that pollute the waters, the air and the space they invade spreading bacteria and illness year after year.

I sit here today and can’t help but think how sorry I feel for this planet, which just takes anything we do and never saying a word or does it?

Nothing compares to the beauty and peace that can be found in a simple quiet summer day, or the awesome force and pure destructive unpredictable powers of its weather patterns or cataclysmic events that suddenly leave us scrambling for shelter and protection.

It is a force that is beyond us and so much older than any of us.

Part of me believes we could have taken a different path, one of collaboration instead of greed and money and accumulation of things that don’t matter. We could have fed and fixed and helped the planet with new sciences and technologies and to be our ally since it is this planet that gave us life and where we will end up lying down in the end. We could have spent time studying its wild ways to see if we could help it, protect it or even just protect ourselves.

Instead, we focus on what we can accumulate. How much more money we can make from it, even selling the land we populate that never belonged to us, but is simply on loan to us while we breathe.

I am so grateful that I can sit in my part of the world and enjoy its gorgeous simplicity and beauty of it.

A lake, a forest, an ocean, a blue sky, a snowfall and a fresh spring breeze.

I will try to always be grateful for the beauty it offers and cautious at the awesome raw power of its destruction and try to pick solutions that helps the piece of the planet they say I can own one day when my payments end.

I want to plant a tree instead of ripping down acres as they have done in my province for profit.

I wish people would understand that feeding and protecting it means feeding and protecting ourselves. It is such a great place to live and such an awesome gift always providing us with everything we need to thrive.

But at least I know that one day; this little blue ball can rest in peace when humans no longer infest it with its relentless taking like greedy little takers that we are in our selfishness.

Now you may call me a tree-huger and that is fine, but I’d rather plant one when I take one to try to keep the balance that it is trying to give all of us.

The next time you are in nature, try doing nothing at all but enjoy the beauty of it. Stand quietly and look around you at something that is wise and has worked since the beginning of time, and try for a moment to wonder how you can stop getting in its way, you might be surprised how easy it is to do when you think…in a world that no longer thinks but accumulates…try doing it for but one…simple…moment.

Maybe then…You just might get it.





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