How To Be Inspired – When There Is No Inspiration Around You

I was thinking all week of what to write here! It’s been one of those weeks when the inspiration is just not with me.I feel a bit drained (from winter days, dark and dank). The mirror hates me and I loathe it in return. I am a bit lacking in the energy department (just can’t get motivated). And I know I have months and months before my revolving debt is paid.

I have started doing YouTube and have figured out that trying to figure it out is like trying to set a wet rag on fire. There is no explanation, just do what you love and hope for the best!

So here I am, still working on debt, battling to try to make a go of my channel, and completely uninspired by the weather.

I feel totally BLAH!

I look on Facebook and the same stuff is going around. Asking philosophical questions that someone no doubt will get someone annoyed and upset about. The rest of just whining as per usual.

So how to keep inspired in those times. I won’t say that I am the perfect person for this. I get totally discouraged about people around me and stay in a cloud of anger that is hard to shake, but then sometimes, all I have to do is watch someone else talk about stuff and it puts a new light on what the real problem is with me, which in this case would be ME.

I watched a Ted Talks last night which featured Casey Neistat.

He was generally talking about life and the opportunities that come our way.

The biggest thing I took from that was regardless of whether his decisions were considered good or bad, he considered them opportunities to tailor his life to his liking.

He considers we all got the lottery on life and for some of us, the worse that can happen is not the worst thing in the world if we take chances, while some people in the word like a young teenager he encountered dying of AIDS because she was raped, born in poverty and need was not as lucky in her lottery. She did not get a lucky lottery ticket as most of us do.

I realized just how lucky my lottery was. I did have some bad moments younger, but I ended up pretty comfortable, living in a modern world with opportunities abound for someone like me.

I know I can make my life better, even if I get aggravated, bored and angry. Thinking of someone who never got to help herself because she was too busy trying to die with dignity made me really think of what I have to worry about in my life right now, which is NOTHING.

If the only thing that I have to worry about today is being uninspired for awhile, while others fight to live or get their opportunities taken away from them, then I will live with my moments and try to keep them to myself and be grateful for the opportunities in my life and that I can always be inspired again tomorrow.

Here’s the link to what I watched if interested. It inspired me to stop being so self involved in my own little crap and basically “snap out of it”. I have a great life and I should concentrate on that and helping others.



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