Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Your Mind! Or Follow Your Dreams!

People step over their bounds and yours all the time. It’s a thing. The thing is; they are also testing the waters. And it’s up to you to let people know what they should and should not be doing when it comes to you.

There is no need to be rude about it, but you can be clear in your understanding of what is expected when it comes to you.

Unfortunately, their reaction whether you have been respectful or not, is another thing.

They may not react well to your request because it’s not convenient for them or they are trying to get more from you than you are willing to give.

Either way, it is now their problem and not yours. You have a right to say what you put up with, and you should not let their reaction to it dictate how to handle it in the future. If you have been clear and respectful, then it is up to them to digest the information and return with grace.

Some react with being ignorant or simply ignoring hoping that if they don’t address it, it will simply dissolve.

There are too many ill-mannered people and they react to things so badly that others let them get away with it simply by not addressing the situation because it’s too much of a hassle to do so. This is where the saying goes: “The squeaky wheel always gets the grease.” You give them everything or avoid them altogether to make sure you don’t have to deal with them. It’s not acceptable.

Some people in this world would love to just cause others grief and be so unforgiving of others mistakes regardless of how fallible they are themselves. They react as bullies or dog with a bone which also goes against what is needed or required.

Those who are there to enforce that the laws be upheld, should make sure that they put a bit of water in their wine. Don’t attack or demean someone who gives you their best 99.9% of the time.

On the flip side to that, there are some of us out there who dream big. If it was just about that it would be fantastic.

Unfortunately, we get to deal with a variety of components when that happens. If you suddenly start working at making your dreams a reality, there will be people who will try to talk you out of it.

Those are the ones that say that it’s a fools game to try to do such things and that they will never amount to anything. I would straight out say to just walk away from these insignificant people; they will never have your best at heart.

There are the people that ignore your struggle and show no recognition for anything you do. This could even be friends or family. You could offer them something for free and they will flat out ignore it, making you feel as if your dreams don’t matter.

Ignore them back, they will mean little when you finally do reach those dreams. You may encounter critics. Either way, you may take what they say and weigh the validity or simply again ignore it and do what you wanted all along. It’s rarely sheep or majority mentality that gets the prize, so learn to think outside the box. And put your boundaries out there now so that people know they need to respect you as well.

Just don’t give up! Don’t stop believing in your dreams.






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