Busy First Week of January!

Well just like that the first week of January is almost over, and the normal resuming of everything mundane and routine.

Are you still on course with what you want to accomplish this year? Of course you are, or has this week just bled into what was last week.

That’s OK…really it’s OK. We are a little tired right? From the New Year’s and all the partying that was done. We should get right back on the horse next week, right?

I’m here to ask you this…

Do you still have people who #love you? Yes? Then you are accomplishing all you have to.

Do you still #smile and #laugh about something every day? Yes? Then you are accomplishing all you have to.

Do you still a place to lay your head and enough #money to stay in that warm place? Then you have all you need to feel secure.

Concentrate on your #quality of life instead of #quantity as in how much you can accumulate and you will succeed every time. Take a look around at what you have and ask truthfully? Do you need that much more?

Life is about moments that make your life good, and you can only do that with people you respect and love. So forget some of those annoying goals that you set yourself to fail in, and go have a drink with a friend, a laugh with a loved one and just make every day the best one you can be in.

It’s not hard to remember or do. You are probably doing those things anyway, every day because they feel good.


Keep on going!

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