New Year! New Hope!

The new year arrives and although for some it only  means that the clock struck 12 and another day has begun, for some it means something different entirely. 

The thing I love the most about that is the hope; the hope that this year will wipe away last years pain and that this year will be so much better.

It offers a reset that is much needed for some. I’ve had years such as this, where the reset new years button was super needed to make me have hope that things would be better.

And the new year would usually offer me some hope, probably because my state of mind would also reset and I would disengage from the spiraling mindset of negativity that had taken hold of my days up til the end of that year.

I would wake up on New Year’s day feeling refreshed, repeating the mantra of “this year will be better” over and over until I felt it, also proving the power of the mind when you change your words. From “will this year ever end” to “this will be a much better year”.

I have learned over the years that I can do this at any time. I can take a bad day and do a reset on the next day saying “this day will be better” and mean it .

Having done that does dull the new year feeling everyone gets because it truly is just another day at 12 and another month of writing the wrong date as I get used to writing 2017 on all my correspondence, but on the other hand I don’t have to wait a whole year to have a better day, and that has helped a lot in the course of the last few years. I can always turn a new leaf or page every single day. Have new goals and hopes which has served me well.

Just an example:

A problem that happened in 2016 is causing you grief, but because you are in a mindset of spiraling bad, you can’t find the solution until 2017 because your mindset changed on the new year and you blamed last year for your problems where everything was bad. But just thinking that it will be better this year opens up your mind to bigger and better things ahead, leaving you open to a different way of thinking and ultimately helping you solve your problems.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just practice this way of thinking every day?

So my wish for all of you on this hopeful first day of 2017 is to have the best year ever, and if by chance you start feeling a bit worn down at any point, the ability to reset your day at 12 so that every day feels like a new year, a new chance and a new hope.

And if you really can’t do that, well there is always next year! Hoping you all have a great one!


Happy New Year!




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