Help People Who Want To Help Themselves!

It’s a time of year where people give to charities quite easily because it’s the season of giving. However, this blog post is about more than that.

I try to stick to charities that are about people who are trying to help themselves. Habitat for Humanity would be one where people want the opportunity to have a home but have difficulties making that wish come true because they have low incomes etc, and we all know if you don’t have the opportunity to save up for anything how that goes; you have to keep wishing for it.  I like the fact that they still have to pay for their homes; it’s just in line with what they are making. I wish someone would have given us that opportunity when we were a young family.

I also give to places that need help when it comes to children. They are the innocents and recipients of adults neglect and raising or lack of raising. But that’s another topic for discussion altogether. You might be surprised what I consider neglect and bad parenting. It’s not always what has to do with shelter and food.

I refuse to help people who have had the opportunities over their lifetimes to be great or do great and then flushed it down the toilet, because of stupidity or stubbornness. And you would not believe just how many of those people exist.

And this is the part where I will not help. Stupidity has always insulted me, but when people hit me up with theirs, thinking I will fall for it, that just angers me to no end. When they teach the next generation the same ignorance, that just makes me very sad for the future.

People who are ignorant by design, in other words who just are completely clueless of their ignorance. I cannot be bothered with.

I’m not saying it’s the right way of thinking, but it is how I deal with it. I simply don’t.

I have known for a long time that the world does not make sense. I have learned this from a very young age. But I know that if someone cares for you and makes an effort, big or small to help, just how much that can shape the way you think about your future when it comes to this world.

There is woman in this world that I am so grateful to, she is my adoptive mother. When my biological mother was alive, I went through a Christmas at 6 without anything. I woke up Christmas morn to look under the tree and Nada. Nothing.  In between Christmas and New Years my father’s new mate (my future adoptive mother) sent boxes and boxes of gifts that arrived to our door. Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, a bracelet full of charms for a little girl, a Jamie Summer’s Play set etc… It was overwhelming. This 27 year old woman who never had kids of her own made sure that her husband’s daughter got presents. That act of kindness has never left me, and my love for her will be forever. I found out Santa did not exist that morning, but realized that there are some people out there who care about you even when they are not required to.

Unlike some that say they need help but then take advantage of the good heart of others and repeat the process until the good helping person ends wanting to help no one.

So I have learned to say no and people know that I am very comfortable saying no, but every once in a while someone tries to make me uncomfortable or in a position where they think I won’t say no and get a surprise.

Manipulators are my favorite because they scurry when they are met with someone stronger. They are like a bad salesman who ignores how angry they got the potential customer and re-try at some later date thinking the person will have forgotten, insulting their intelligence as well.

Maybe it’s because of the Christmas season that they seem to be coming out in numbers, for I have noticed the numbers increase at this time of year. So I ignore the stupid and give more to others so that maybe at some point if these people grow up to be someone like me and my family who works hard and tries to have and share peace with the world instead of adding to the chaos, they will be able to help themselves and then in return help others. I always give presents to kids for Christmas, because maybe I can help them preserve the magic of Santa for Christmas and not have it stolen like it was from me.

Hope you all have some beautiful giving holidays! And that peace finds you wherever you may be!



  1. I loved this. It’s how I feel about giving, too. For the most part, I prefer to help people directly instead of through an organization because so many of them have CEO making 6 or 7 figures and that makes me insane.
    Kids not having presents under the tree on Christmas morning just kills me. Little kids are my soft spot. We sent packages to kids we don’t know this year just to be sure there would be a little something on Christmas morning. Christmas morning magic may be my favorite thing in the whole world.

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