Why I Am Not A Total Dave Ramsey Follower!

If you look around, you will see many Dave Ramsey followers, and to tell the truth, I have nothing against Dave Ramsey. I think he offers some real good ideas. So this is not a bashing Dave session.

I have been asked recently if I followed his plan. I have to answer in all honesty. No, not really, well at least not entirely. I have listened to a lot of people regarding money. Dave Ramsey, Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Robert Kiyosaki and even Tony Robbins but to say that I follow one plan religiously would be lying.

I like to pick something I like from one and then something else from another and just go with it. I guess you can say I have an aversion to following any one thing religiously (that would make sense since I am not religious); I’ve always been interested in what else could be out there.

And always, always finding what is right for me and mine. So I call my plan the Jane plan. It’s one that I have made just for me. No Baby Steps program…Just a straight line to what I want. I get a bit out of sorts when there is a guru or god type creature that everyone follows…I keep thinking of that picture of cattle getting led off a cliff or sheep and it makes me want to turn and run the other way.


So I chose to borrow or even straight out steal from everyone what I like about their plans and tailor my own.

If you find following one person’s idea is right for you, please don’t let me stop you from it. I just wanted to explain the why I don’t. But I’m pretty sure I don’t always think like everyone else either. Whatever you do, as long as it brings you to your state of joy and peace, then it’s the right thing for you.

So there will probably no debt free scream for me. Just a quiet toast with a glass of wine and a really fine cheese with my sweetheart to celebrate that we can finally breathe just a little easier from now on, because we are freeing ourselves from debt.

We might even plan a side trip to a warm ocean side to celebrate what is coming our way because I’m much rather stare out at the water with a gorgeous red setting sun instead of standing in a room somewhere yelling about what I should have figured out about a million years ago. But hey…that’s just me.


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